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  1. All she needed was some guidance. She didn't need a c-ship. She needed people to help her evolve into a responsible woman. But what the **** do I know?
  2. But is this really HeR PoStinG?
  3. Because I lost my Super Admin status Jk I quit Jokes aside, how are you been during this pandemic?
  4. If you need me to make emotes, let me know Jordan. I got a new computer recently. I just need to figure out how to work Skype right now lol.
  5. You're a content creator?! I am noob now, because i succ Edit: Curator .. I seem to not read either
  6. She used to type normal with normal emojis. For a year now, she types like a 13 year old who figured out emojis. It's the cynic in me; I don't believe this is Britney.
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