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  1. I'm glad that someone brought this, because this is what I was talking about on my post The second image comes from Jamie's document. Team Jamie is painting her as an unstable person that doesn't care about her finances and "business activities", citing the The Zone appearance as an example of how they had to give back the 1M they had received in advance (omitting she had broken her foot, at least according to her). By taking this as proof that Britney doesn't want us to buy her music, we're giving Jamie the reason that she doesn't care about her finances, that she's unable to make rational decisions, and thus, as he argues, Andrew Wallet has to come back as a co-conservator. The document that Sam Ingham submitted is the one that says she's not performing for the time being. Again, as I said in my post, this is in reference to how the legal fees increased exponentially after she signed the Vegas contract, and how since she's not performing anymore, this has to change. At any moment there's any mention of her music sales or merch. The question is, if she's not performing anymore, if she doesn't have a new job, from where exactly is she gonna keep making money if it's not from sales and royalties? And we know she has already a lot of money, but let's remember, for the law to consider her able to get out of the conservatorship, she still has to prove that she's able to provide for herself. If we give Jamie the reason that she doesn't care about her businesses and "financial well-being", than how exactly does that help Britney's situation? Now for those saying let's wait till November, we don't even know if they're gonna solve the issue then, nor if it's gonna be favorable for Britney, or if it's gonna get delayed again. But hoping they do name the Bessemer Trust as the conservator of her estate, then they most likely are gonna find everything that is wrong with her fortune and Jamie and TriStar will have to explain where the money is and they'll have to give it back. It's very laudable to try to boycott the brand and do the right thing if that's what makes you all happy. Sadly, these small actions won't have any effect, because Britney Spears is a brand that is consumed by the masses, not just the fans. Those vinyls and cassettes will keep selling even if fans don't buy them, because there will always be collectors (not necessarily Britney fans) and resellers that will get them. The general public keeps streaming her music, and now more than ever with so much noise we're making about Britney's situation. And those diminishing Spotify streams like they don't count, well, I'm not sure how much they make from that, but at least from YouTube alone they're making hundreds of thousands of dollars. So good luck telling the world not to stream her videos when you talk about FreeBritney. Thing is, the conservatorship won't stop nor will get extended the more or the less records she sells. They can pull all of her catalogue out of the streraming services and stop selling physical albums on stores. The conservatorship will still be there. They will still be stealing the rest of her fortune. They will still have control over her life. But it's true, maybe the real fans shouldn't contribute even in the slightest to this. But if we're gonna shame the people that buys vinyls, then let's shame everyone who's also contributing to her streamings getting increased, which is basically any mention of her on the Internet of any kind, especially social media. And I think we're all guilty of that.
  2. Is it really HD? I think the one from Britney's official channel looks better Edit: well, I do see the difference now lol
  3. the emotes have longer tags now, you have to type : then you start writing and you'll see the options
  4. in my mind I want to believe that Britney was like to the idea of filming a video with Miley. She was just polite enough to record the song due to having the same manager lol besides, they were too busy promoting Vegas. As we saw in I am Britney Jean, they were so desperate to finish the Work ***** video, so if they barely cared about Britney's own album singles, I doubt they wanted to add another artist's single to the schedule.
  5. it came out when the FFT was almost over. And then, by the time she did POM show probably she had already forgotten about it or idk, maybe she just didn't think it would fit at any of the segments
  6. On September 30, 2013, Miley Cyrus' fourth studio album Bangerz was made available for streaming on the iTunes store and iTunes Radio. The album included her singles We Can't Stop and Wrecking Ball, which had been released earlier that year. Track 3, SMS (Bangerz) featured Britney Spears. It was written and produced by Mike Will Made It and Marz, with additional songwriting provided by Cyrus and Sean Garrett. The track incorporates Euro house, electropop and hip hop genres. The song peaked at #10 on the Bubbling Under Hot 100. Although Miley claimed that she wanted it to be the third single off the album, thank God Adore You was ultimately the chosen one and SMS was never officially a single. Miley performed the song on her Bangerz Tour As for the album, Bangerz peaked at #1 on the BB200 in the US, and it also topped the charts of Argentina, Mexico, Canada, UK, among other countries.
  7. On September 30, 2011, Britney Spears released Criminal, the fourth and final single off her seventh studio album Femme Fatale. Produced by Max Martin and Shellback, it was written by them in 2008 with additional writing by Tiffany Amber. Britney told MTV News that after she first listened to the song, she felt it was different and unlike anything she had heard before. The version of the single, Criminal (Radio Mix) differs from the album version and it was later included on B in the Mix: The Remixes Vol. 2. It was the first single released under RCA after it absorbed Jive Records. It has never been performed live. On August 5, 2011, Britney posted on her Facebook a poll to select Femme Fatale's next single. The other options besides Criminal were Inside Out and (Drop Dead) Beautiful. It peaked at #55 on the BH100 but it reached #19 on the Mainstream Top 40 chart. It went #1 in Brazil and it was Top 20 in many other countries, such as Poland, France and Spain. The music video was released the following month, but we'll celebrate that later ;) In December 2011, an EP of remixes was released:
  8. Britney didn't have just 1 record deal. She had at least two (which would be BOMT - ITZ then BO - BJ) or maybe she had more, I don't know, but the record deal that ended with Britney Jean wasn't her first one. She signed again, and Glory was the first album of the new contract. We don't know for how many or how long, but people speculate it was for 4 more albums. We don't know the nature of those contracts for sure. As I said on other threads, there are some record deals that are called 360 where the record labels take a percentage of anything the artist does, besides sales. So maybe that's how Christina got away with 6 years without a new album, if the record label was taking its part from her tv gigs and stand alone singles / collaborations. But if Britney is retiring for the time being, I don't know what's gonna happen to her contract. There must be some clauses. This year they've released the Toxic remix and Mood Ring EP, of course they don't count as albums, but maybe they count as her "being active" this year. Who knows tbh.
  9. I actually like it but I guess it's just because I really like the original song
  10. I watched the Midnight Sky video once, and the first thing I thought was she kinda looks like Blondie's singer. I still don't like Miley's voice though But this doesn't sound AS bad
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