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  1. This plus Jamie has ZERO right to determine what's good for his daughter who is going to be almost 40 years old. He is capable of providing his opinion but that's it.
  2. I'm surprised that she hasn't been eating a lot considering she's probably home all day. Perks of having a home gym.
  3. Even though she puts on a smile you can tell from her eyes that her mind is somewhere else.
  4. Exhale is actually much friendlier and accepting than other music forums especially towards Britney and her fans.
  5. I always had a hard time believing that someone who was way ahead of her time could have any kind of disability and here's the proof. Just goes to show you that she was rebelling against the industry and her parents when they cornered her and threatened her with her kids to get her money. Can Elon Musk just ship them to mars please.
  6. So weird how they shut this down real quick. There must be so many benefits of getting on a payroll
  7. Britney Spears has been prevalent at EVERY VMA since her debut. Look at Doja's performance and tell me that's not an BOMT VMA performance knockoff
  8. We don't give Britney the credit she deserves. What don't people get about her rebelling against her parents back in 2007 for getting her into show business.
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