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  1. You saw the choreography in those rehearsals, right? Thank the Lord it was canceled and that is not what we are looking forward to…
  2. I don’t care if he hasn’t produced any smashes since Blackout. No one knows how to work with Britney’s vocals better than him. He cranked out almost half of my favorite Britney songs and that really says something.
  3. I’m sitting here reading through all 22 pages of these comments in disbelief that she still has this many fans who cares to talk about her after the years of shitt and tacky everything she has put out. What are we all still doing here!? We must be masochists.
  4. My mom was legit terrified. She seriously asked “who the fkk is that? Does she think she can sing!?”
  5. I don’t care if she flops or not. In my book, it’s done. Milking pathetic POM for FIVE years then going immediately into another residency she can lethargically Zumba through is just ridiculous.
  6. This is what you get for doing the bare minimum for 5 years. Domination my ***; more like expiration.
  7. I am not even 1% excited. She is just such a bad dancer these days. I am only around at this point for new music. And I honestly don’t want to see her perform to that music; I don’t want the vision of her doing Zumba with those awkward faces while I listen to it.
  8. It will inevitably be some montage of her videos with an epic song in the background. Nothing like a compilation of past greatness to remind us of current notness.
  9. I know. The vegan in me has huge issues with her. I do love what she said about Britney, though.
  10. Yes it’s awful but I would have loved an hour and a half of britney making cheese grits at that time, and so would half of the country lol. She was otherworldly famous at that time.
  11. Make Me IS one of my favorite Britney tracks of all time though. Just saying.
  12. There is something eccentric about all of her pics lately. Facial expressions and bad photoshopping.
  13. It’s so embarrassing that she doesn’t see that. Like it’s so bad
  14. Would love to see the originals, before she became Stretch Armstrong.
  15. People always say something is “off” with her. She has lost her “pizazz” or *** appeal. I would imagine it’s hard to feel sexy or driven when your life isn’t your own, and when the whole world knows it. I really believe that we’d see an enormous change in Britney, in many regards, if the conservatorship ended.
  16. I don’t get people who try to make fun of someone who clearly had a typo. Like if I obviously missed spelled and didn’t know better, that would be one thing. But a typo? You’re just reaching.
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