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  1. I can't imagine Britney walking around with a dictaphone but i'd love to be wrong.
  2. Take this with a grain of salt but Heat posted this: While many fans believe Britney Spears is sending us messages through her cryptic Instagram posts, a source close to the singing legend tells heat she’s planning on a more direct approach. “Britney is gearing up to break her silence in a tell-all interview. She’s been following the #freebritney movement eagerly. She’s got so much she wants to say and now she believes it’s time for the world to hear her full story,” according to our insider. “As much as anything though, Britney wants to reassure people she’s not this cooped-up, controlled ‘robot’ who’s unable to speak for herself.” Britney, 38, has been under a conservatorship since 2008. The legal arrangement gives an appointed individual control over the conservatee’s – in this case Britney’s – finances and daily life. Her manager Jodi Montgomery is currently the nominated conservator after taking over from Britney’s father Jamie in September 2019. However, the conservatorship is currently in the process of being reviewed – having been delayed because of COVID-19. But now we’re told Britney is tired of keeping silent and will do what it takes to get her story out. “The logistics of writing a book and getting it legally approved for publication are complicated to say the least, but she’s confident a TV chat or even sitting down with a podcast or magazine is easily achievable,” our source explains. “She’s kept meticulous notes through the years, with hand-written diaries and a personal dictaphone that she carries around with her.” The insider adds, “It risks causing chaos with the conservatorship, but Britney’s so tired of not being heard and wants to do this more than anything.” Source: https://heatworld.com/celebrity/news/britney-spears-tell-all-book/
  3. I think the biggest thing I love is talking with like-minded people over our mutual love for Miss Britney Spears It's not easy to bump into people in real life who stan the same artist! It's nice we have a community from all over the world and we can all come together and talk about Britney and all other topics, stemming from pop culture, world news and our own lives! Also, I LOVE how we can gather together and spread awareness and are helping the #FreeBritney movement and potentially helping Britney get her freedom, or steps closer to obtaining that. Thanks @Jordan Miller for creating such a great site, which is especially important in times like this, providing escapism from the horrible things going on in the world and maybe even our own lives? I've been visiting for over 14 years and I still keep coming back I'm officially hooked to Exhale again I'm loving seeing this place grow and becoming even more active! I've recently had the opportunity to speak to more people again from my Megarates, and there are so many great people here who make this place enjoyable! The past year and a half has reminded me how LOYAL the fanbase is and I love to see it! I don't know what's come over me but hey we may have different opinions about things but we're all here because we all have the same shared interest, Britney. Let's try and be kinder to each other What are YOUR favourite things about this place?
  4. This is so scary and heartbreaking! I hope people are safe and R.I.P to those who didn't make it
  5. We have 42 participants signed up so far thanks guys!
  6. just got your rates, thank you! added!
  7. added you all!! Welcome to the newbies! you're in for a wild ride!
  8. Didn't Holly & Shannen fall out recently? Holly is now BFF's with Alyssa and recently called her 'her ride or die'
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