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  1. Can you stop painting everyone that has ever been around Britney as bad. Fe probably signed an NDA and everything was out of her control, the main thing is now she has been liking LOTS of FreeBritney posts and that speaks volumes. Let's wait to see the documentary before we say she's team Con. I've met her and she was literally the sweetest person and you could tell how much she absolutely loves Britney.
  2. So I stumbled across this... It would make sense about how they obtained rare never seen before pictures of Britney! Spill the tea Fe
  3. Shows how lenient we have been if you haven't received any WP's yet You know what is a big issue? How YOU and other members speak to mods and feel like you can get away with it. Well guess what that will not be the way any longer. You would not see members being allowed to speak to mods like this on any other forums, you have a lot more freedom to discuss than anywhere else. Let me guess the others are the ones who also bash mods on a daily basis? End of discussion as you continue to gaslight.
  4. Let's go back to YOUR actions before you try to divert and deflect onto others
  5. Would you prefer it isn't discussed and he just randomly banned her? You're clutching at straws, obviously you discuss this to get all views and so there is no 'bias' or anything like that. Isn't it better to know that it wasn't one person's choice to ban them, clearly it's 'fairer' if it has been discussed. I merely stated if you have issues with mods PM as stated by Jordan on multiple occasions, but like I said before you're not one to follow the rules You jump at any opportunity to attack mods and clearly do not listen to what we say about US being publicly bashed by you and other members on a daily basis. But it's suddenly okay for members to attack us in public and refer to us as 'psychopaths' and make personal attacks. I suggest you move this to PM's if you want to discuss this further as you wouldn't want to continue muddying the waters
  6. But it is appropriate for members to publicly bash moderators and call them 'psychopaths'? That particular user has been problematic on MANY occasions over an extremely long period of time. The people who bash mods are the biggest hypocrites i've seen - 'OMG WE'RE BEING CENSORED, FrEeDoM oF SpEeCh' Then suddenly those same people when it's an opinion they don't agree with: 'YOU CAN'T SAY THAT, YOU CAN'T SAY THAT' Make your mind up Hypocrites. If you have issues with mods, I suggest you PM Jordan and copy in the user you have an issue with - which has previously been advised to do by Jordan. However, I'm fully aware you're a person who regularly bashes mods so i'm not that surprised at how you're responding Especially how you just referred to us as 'dogs'. If someone has been told the rules MULTIPLE times and they continue to ignore them they will be punished.
  7. No this is not 'inappropriate' at all, this clearly shows how LENIENT we have been to members with different opinions. If this was anywhere else they would have already been gone a long time ago - along with many other people in this thread but we actually give people chances (MULTIPLE). You're probably not familiar with how forums work but this is the usual way mods decide on the appropriate actions regarding problematic members. MANY other forums have these discussions between mods before taking action. You state it is not ok for mod's to say things publicly when YOU and many other members out right attack us mods in public on a daily basis and say the most awful things. It's suddenly not an issue when it is yourselves making these comments. Nerdy has made many AWFUL comments to other members, mods and even myself. Where they have even messaged me in private to continue attacking me. If anything is inappropriate, it is how some members here feel it is ok to attack to people who moderate this forum voluntary to make YOU guys have a good experience here and not be attacked. End of discussion.
  8. I will definitely make sure I do! Aww thank you! I'm glad you played and enjoyed your first megarate! I hope to see you at more if you're free! We usually all get quite messy Thank you for always playing! We love a dedicated player Don't worry about it at all! Not everyone can always make it, plus I did re-arrange
  9. I love Stronger so much! So i'm happy it won Thank you for playing! I'm glad you've had fun! Lots more to come! thank you for playing @Style. However, i'd also like to thank myself for making sure I received your rates Hope to see you at many more <3 Thank you for coming to the ceremony, so glad you did! We love messiness so don't worry Can I just say i'm LOVING these 'I Will Be There' puns! Literally one of my favourite ever Britney songs Thank you for for always playing @Peter Pan Looking forward to the next one!
  10. thank you for coming to the ceremony and always participating! This is so sweet, thank you so much! Thank you to you and everyone else for always playing, I appreciate it Many more Megarates to come! I'm really glad you enjoyed it! thank you for playing!
  11. I'm so glad you could play! thank you for always participating I'm glad you enjoyed thank you for playing! I hope you enjoyed your first megarate! It was great to have you join! There are many more to come, hope to see you at more!
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