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  1. I like that she acknowledge why she hasn't posted them. I figured it was something to do with them getting older.
  2. I haven't watched the full thing, just some clips on Instagram, but I don't appreciate people trying to speak for Britney and gues what led to her breakdown and what was/is going on in her head. We've had enough of that for years. We don't need more of it.
  3. I also want to add that my heart broke to hear and be reminded about how much Britney craves normalcy. She's said before that she's not built for this industry and it's no surprise that once normalcy disappeared, she sobbed about it regularly.
  4. Thanks for posting! I just got done listening. That was a lot of information. And good information at that! I appreciate how much was shared even the quirky aspects of Britney's personality, which shows that the quirky stuff we've seen on Instagram since 2014 or something are not new.
  5. This. It's best that he stays quiet. Right. And now she's kind of in a pickle. We saw how little she said on GMA anyway. And I don't think it helped her client any.
  6. The sit-down was strange. Even without the apparent video conference time delay. Vivian did not answer any of the questions and, idk, if I were going to take something to court, I don't know that I would address it with the person directly. I may be wrong, but wouldn't a lawyer advise you not to talk about that? Also, that trip to La. occurred early in the pandemic, as they said. The filing about her being afraid of her father didn't emerge until November. Things can change in that time span. Especially if she's at home considering her life and what she wants it to look like at this point. The lawyer, and Jamie through her, are clearly trying to change the narrative. I'm not convinced that they did a good job even for the general public.
  7. This is so good to know. I didn't have this perspective before. It makes sense that her losing steam while performing isn't a new development. The way she used to tour and perform was crazy. Even the way the Vegas shows were organized at times, no wonder the energy wouldn't be 100% all the time.
  8. Yeah, I think at the very least, she was scheduled to speak/address the crowd. Pretty much the way she did when she announced Piece of Me.
  9. The fact that Britney Spears has teenage sons will never not be wild to me. So crazy! She does look so genuinely happy here. Sincere smile and all. It's so nice to see her with them. Seems like just yesterday they were babies and then little kids.
  10. Hmm. Yeah, that's odd. And the NYT doc said she was supposed to perform that night, which was the first I'd heard of that. I only thought she was supposed to address the crowd. Would be nice to have more context around that. Like, why tf was she unable to talk exaclty? And did she not want to be there because of that/something related to all that or something else?
  11. This, I agree with. And I do feel him on his frustration with all that. That's why I started following him. But he does too much defending and it's just like… you can't win them all. You can't convince people to believe things when all they do is cling to conspiracy theories.
  12. Billy B. has less and less credibility the more he talks about Britney and her situation. This whole "Britney gets grounded" stuff… ok. The part that irritates me the most about the portion you posted about is his self entitlement. Like, we didn't know who you were when the doc first started getting put together. Plus, it's hard to know and find everyone she's ever worked with. It seems as if they focused on people who knew her early on. He needs to get over himself. I know stans can be doing entirely too much but, get a grip.
  13. I heard that rumor but not from any serious news outlet so I won't be giving that any credit.
  14. The source said she looked and nodded but she really didn't give any response. She just kinda shook some of her hair out of her face and looked toward the TSA agent.
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