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  1. randomney can we just talk about how her lip fillers are completely dissolved and i just love how natural she looks at the moment
  2. 2013ney and 2014ney was the time where she looked way younger, the surgeries did indeed work but afterwards they were really obvious. 2016ney was her next peak
  3. i feel like many fellow artists; mv directors, photographers etc tried to express what they saw on Britney and tried to create a visual that represents her current state thats what artists do but her team probably didn't really see this part of their work apart from La Chappels work
  4. in this particular video in the og she does seem like she is not aware that she is been filmed because she is preparing to dance... Brits insta is all kinds of weird so that wouldnt surprise me actually
  5. “Jamie is great and he is able to get the things done that no one wants to get done, because at the end of the day Britney is going to listen to her daddy,” explained a source close to the family. thats exactly how they see her and its concerning enough to how this situation turned out truly disgusting
  6. oh **** glad he was responsible enough to isolate himself and protect our girl. The situation is really getting worse at the moment
  7. she was definitely looking for a loophole and everything happened on its own with the breaking knee injury and afterwards she found the excuse to actually take some time for herself and rest. She had every right of course but her team has always been pushy
  8. LGBTQ queen creating a song for all her bottom fans with a broken heart who got hurt by their dom tops #forwardthinkingqueen #queenofthegays
  9. story of my life sis she means good most of the time but if you are frustrated at something you will express it but still in a very gentle way.
  10. 2016ney served looks but most of the time she had excessive tanning that made her look older. However in this commercial she looks more close to her natural skin color and has light makeup with some darker shades of blond
  11. Lachappelle as an artist basically expressed what he saw or may have heard over the years... and created a surreal storyline to go along with it
  12. exactly and still it has a very Britney aesthetic and her own style to it. Now thats a true photographer right there
  13. basically Jordan said in a way that we are all negative *****es and should behave
  14. i can literally hear her say these words in the caption standing in front of a white background moving left to right and wearing her fav ruffle shirt
  15. i get that they want to use her face for every cover but i just find that so boring...the images above from the OP are pure gold and they leave much more to the imagination and the concept of the album
  16. celebrities and people she worked with always talk the best for our girl and yes sometimes she might have some bad days and not really be the person people expect her to be and that's ok to us she will always be our queen but for real though no matter what cause we know that she is treasure
  17. the only thing i remember from that era was WB thats the only iconic single. Perfume was alright but overall the album was quite forgettable and they focused more on promoting Vegas so that made it even worst
  18. i wish these homemade projects were more of a live stay at home gigs but then again our queen is not working at the moment so i fully respect that.. you can tell she wants to get back to it at some point when this conversatorship hell is over
  19. and also now people wouldn't be as shocked by 3 women kissing. At that time, people were not as open as they are now with lgbtq related events and especially when its done by 3 straight women.
  20. also they didn't even show her reaction... the fact that they had to highlight this part of the interview like her team asked not to go further with that question
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