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  1. This haha. I don't care about the boduy but that bulge. HELLLLLL YEAH
  2. Money. I'd buy love with the endless money. Money pays the bills, not love. Money gets you a roof above your head, not love. Money puts food on the table, not love. Simple as that.
  3. The Way I Are is still one of my favorite jams to BOP to!
  4. The way she has no problem with telling who she is, what her motives are and what she does makes me believe her. Would anyone go so far to expose somebody with explictely stating who you are? Sounds like she's legit angry for the right reasons
  5. So far I'm actually glad they cancelled it. The remixes take everything away from the vibes the original songs have. They made it sound too urban to my likings, after all Britney is a popstar that made popmusic.... Imagine 1999 BOMT vocals on a 2020 Urban/Trap remix....makes no sense. Also, the choreo so far hasn't been that amazing to me n'either. I LOVED the POM choreo of Gimme More way better as it included more body movement. This is pure arm and hands movement. Though the reasons behind the cancellations are DEFINITELY NOT what I support. (Her dad)
  6. This. If Britney would do this and chart, everyone would be like "omg slay queen" and "yassss" but when Taylor does it, she's called greedy and charthungry. I really dislike people can say stuff like that. It's purposely putting women in an awful position to me.
  7. Sure jan. She barely even promoted her last 2 albums 😂. Just admit you can't stand her and you can't say one positive thing about her...I wonder what she has done to harm you this much.
  8. Odd timing? No. Taylor doesn't care about the charts with these rerecordings for the 175829th time. These are for her, to OWN her own voice and music. That's why she didn't care and released it around Superbowl Time. If she was really into getting a another #1, she would have promoted it too. But she didn't. Just a tweet here and there.
  9. Taylor or BMI? Cause I only read BMI ... wouldn't be surprised if Taylor isn't even aware by reading this
  10. I'm not hating. I said her voice sounds forced. Hating= "she can't sing" or "she has a bad voice". Saying I feel it sounds forced, the way Britney is forced by her label to sing in a baby voice, isn't hating at all but more concerning. Learn the difference between dragging somebody and actually being surprised/doubtful about something.
  11. This is plain disguisting. This man should NOT be allowed to go anywhere near her after these comments! He almost literally admits he won't help her cause he wants the pic.
  12. I have to agree. Her voice sounds so forced. Even more forced than Britney's baby voice. I can't believe she sounds like this in real life too...
  13. Doesn't she hate Sometimes tho? + it has been rumored she doesn't like HIAM though that's never been confirmed.
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