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  1. The way she talks about her child in that clip- no wonder she spiraled when they took them away from her. and the passion for her art... sigh
  2. Should have stopped with the fun stuff in feb 2015. Was looking fresh & that smile procedure def hadn’t happened fully yet
  3. Yea- before she could do it on stage and tell all of planet Hollywood. But to your point the public would have been like huh- you’re crazy. But now it’s totally possible- unless they’re threatening her with her life OR she’s playing, as you say, a long game.. I don’t get it.
  4. Yea but we’ve seen her go to a Starbucks even this year with papparazi- if she wanted to, there IS an opportunity to turn to them and tell the world. If she wanted to get the message out- there is a way.
  5. I just don’t understand why she when she’s on the street doesn’t yell “I want out, I’m being held against my will”. There’s gotta be some recourse. Or even less dramatic- show up in court & say she wants out.
  6. Ok what are these lowball questions... why didn’t they ask the burning questions: “why does her dad then have a restraining order against her kids?” ”how can someone who needs a conservatorship able to perform all around the world for years?”
  7. Surprised he’s pro Britney given she broke up his parents lol. thay said- I feel like it’s probably follower Klout. I feel weird we are giving a child this attention
  8. Wtf that article is terrible- what is wrong with him! Smh.. what an as*hole. Go back to the artists that pay you for their Grammies. 🙄 thx for sharing!
  9. Ugh that was at my show. The crowd was so pissed she paused things for so long after radar -.-. It never fully recovered
  10. I think in 2015/2016- Britney found her groove. Her children were basically living with her and that’s what was most important to her. So I don’t think she had issue with it because the con’s main promise (give up your rights, but you’ll have your children) was working. It started crumbling post Jamie restraining order when the con didn’t live up to its promise AND was taking her kids away.. so there was no reason for it & Britney started pushing back.
  11. I also don’t like when people say they don’t know if she’s capable. What do they know?! Of course, she probably doesn’t know how to invest her estate & ensure she has a balanced portfolio of investments- but that’s what financial managers are for! She’s capable from the sense that any other rich person is capable!
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