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  1. it's strange the biggest thing that came to my mind is how isolated it is and how far the next neighbor is.. so she can be easily isolated in this mansion. I think the previous place was much smaller and was a Mediterranean style house. She had neighbors back then if I'm not wrong (she swam with her husband ) And at the same time I thought of the insta posts done in there. the first mirror selfie in the kitchen with the bent drawers and walls. Sam sneaking down the stairs to scare Britney while doing her photoshoot. the rose soap in the bath tub... the memories..
  2. Everyone just minimalized it back then.. probably because they were coming from a place full of jealousy and schadenfreude.. They loved to see someone so perfect fail and enjoyed watching other people’s misery to feel better about their own miserable and meaningless lives... She seriously got crucified.. (for our sins )
  3. I hope they truly expose her and the cship. This seems to be building to be my go to documentary to show people who ask me anything about her. Hope they don’t Mess up part 3. But they’re doing a good job so far
  4. The red one. OMG -she looks great!! but the format she’s presenting everything is a cringe...
  5. she got babybottlepop sponsorship now. She ain't needing Brits money no more. Not to mention chillin with Lou royalties
  6. I think the radio ban was really affecting her. And people keep saying something that her physical singles CDs were made in smaller amounts, so you could only but the album's (didn't fact check that). They wanted to push the album's. I live in Germany and "Boys" was the latest single at that time. Everybody knew all Britney singles here. I flew to my relatives to New Jersey and they (my younger cousin sister and family) had never heard of the song and didn't know about it. That was truly shocking to me as every song was known here.
  7. We were so happy to get 2013ney after having 2011-12ney.
  8. it's just old people in the crowd and it's a more elegant setting. you're not supposed to be screaming and chanting there lol. it's a selected invite only crowd or something I would say similar to Grammys? do they have screaming fans there?
  9. to be honest I watch them and don't remember all the content.. there's been so many around mostly pushing some kind of a narrative, but I even liked watching the ones where theywere wrong. in general I would say the ones made recently (up to 2-4 years back) are made empathic towards her, the ones before that are poking, making fun of her being crazy and making sensationalize what she'll do next. I just like listening about her. so I'll just put in some of them here Spill is okaishly done but very informative (3 parts you can find on YouTube) an icon ruined by game: I remember this being a bit cheaper , but still fine to watch it
  10. I knew all the facts and things there too, but it's incredibly well done to show people who are not in the Britney world in a good condensed way about her crazy life and in fact she's not crazy but just unfairly bullued, harassed and controlled. looking forward to part 3 and the dragging of Lou lou
  11. I found it Slayyyter - celebrity. it's bad but It's kind of a bop 😂 especially the chorus They play me on the radio-Oo The Paparazzi follows me wherever I Go-oo
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