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  1. Ah, Jordan Ross, aka the original #freebritney legend. His freebritney.com was the best in 2011. Exposing the c-ship and Lou way before anyone else and back when many people here defended the conservatorship. Kinda sad that it had to take 10 years to finally make people realise how ****ed up this is.
  2. All of her family members are soo self important. No one would even care about you and whatever you have to say if it wasn't for the conservatorship. Exploiting your daughter for money must be really fun I bet. Yeah, we been knew from the very beginning that everything about the conservatorship and the relation between Britney and her ex-father is toxic. Brand new information... Freeing Britney entirely from this c-ship (both personal and financial) is the only fresh start I can think of at this point.
  3. Remember how Jamie said he would agree for Bessemer to be co-conservator? How he talked to them behind Britney's back? So yeah, this isn't entirely good news as they could reach some sort of an agreement about things. Her ex-father is still in power and that's awful and worrying to say the least...
  4. Omg I forgot how AWFUL the vocals were lmao. Myah tried her hardest to sound like what she thinks Britney sounds like but that just ain't it. The edit is hilarious tho.
  5. It's definitely not only Britney and Madonna. There's tons of Mariah stems floating around too.
  6. I can see why "she" deleted it but it is such a great and hot video nonetheless. If she can't speak out on her miserable situation, at least let her dance provocatively if that's what she wants to do ffs.
  7. No, because back in the day, EVERYONE on the entire planet knew at least a bit of a signature Britney song (be it Oops, BOMT or Toxic). Britney was everywhere, she was HUGE in a way that's imo not achievable anymore, charts and sales aside. On the other hand, I haven't heard any of the BTS music. Like ever. I basically don't know them and have no interest in knowing them.
  8. He's only spoken to Jamie Lynn (aka Loucifer's #1 minion) about it AND is now working with TriStar? Then anything he says on the matter of FreeBritney has no value and truth to it whatsoever. Gtfo.
  9. I don't care anymore. Just go away, and take Loucifer with you. You're not good people. Leave Britney and her money alone. Coram Deo, marioh.
  10. BBMAney blows POMney out of the water. She was on fire that day. POMney doesn't even come close. It was literally Primeney.
  11. She was SO happy, aware and talkative in 2015/2016. Her interviews seemed less controlled too (only slightly tho because we all remember how they cut the c-ship part from the Jonathan Ross show or 'daddy issues' from the Lopez interview smh). It's like she can't stop talking in this interview. What happened with that?
  12. I cringe whenever she answers 'questions' on IG because before watching I can already tell it's gonna be some trivial and boring stuff that no one cares about. Especially now, with the whole FreeBritney movement... This is a joke. She's being silenced every day.
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