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  1. There's a reason why I'm saying that. Look, she used to write elaborate letters to her fans years ago on her website in which she described her feelings on whatever was happening in her life at the time in so much detail... Now that she's in a conservatorship, she's clearly being silenced and the only topics she touches upon are trivial things such as diet, working out, dancing etc. Reminds me of corporate talk where you say things but you don't really say anything at all. The only time she addressed anything important was 2 years ago when Lutfi leaked those emails which exposed Lou. But that was obviously Lou trying to save her *** through Britney's instagram so...
  2. I don't believe she writes the captions herself. Also, her captions are the most generic walls of text I've ever seen. Nothing 'she' says has any substance to it whatsoever.
  3. I remember reading this thread in 2016 and I was like... sure, Jan. At least Cappy has seen the light recently and isn't as delusional anymore.
  4. The whole For The Record countdown thing. She was soo upset.
  5. Wtf was that 'interview'? 😂 She isn't even answering the questions. Is this the best Jamie's team can do? Pathetic.
  6. Oh no, Billy B. That's one way of ruining your documentary's credibility.
  7. And fans have been wondering why Britney has been so anxious and shy ever since 2008 and conservatorship... It's because her scary ******* father is always in the picture and behind her back watching her every move.
  8. The fans disliked her probably because they were assuming that because Jamie and his team cut out everyone out of Britney's life, including Alli, that must mean she was a bad influence. Turned out it was team conservatorship who was and continues to be a bad influence all along... Alli seems very genuine and sweet in this interview. Soo... she last spoke to Britney in March 2008. Interesting. And sad because Britney clearly wanted to keep in touch with her but she just wasn't allowed to... A capable adult woman whose father gets to say who she can be friends with and manage hundreds of other things related to everyday life and career. Oh, and money of course. How this is legal will never not be shocking to me.
  9. The only theory that kinda makes sense to me is that they indeed worked together to get her into the c-ship, but maybe they initially had someone else in mind as Britney's conservator other than her dad. And when he got into the picture, he cut Lutfi out entirely (which he did), but Lou somehow manipulated Jamie to get involved by choosing to side with him. That's why Lutfi and Lou hate each other now. This is just my silly far-fetched theory tho.
  10. Yeah, they seem to be connected in some way and it creeps me out... Who tf are these people?
  11. Oh come on, let's be real for a moment. If Alli kept on contacting Britney, she'd have been served a restraining order just like the rest of Britney's friends at that time. I have no doubt about this. The conservatorship is just too powerful.
  12. Well, of course she didn't. Also, she forgot to post that one moment from 2007 where she defended Britney. After all, that ancient video is the ultimate proof of her sisterly love.
  13. I can believe that. He already has the money. I think at this point it's all about power and control for him. Makes me sick.
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