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  1. Yass Matilda come through!! That was so beautifully written, and I'm so glad she escaped from Hollywood (even though her experiences are still horrible and creepy as hell). She's so right, I remember liking Britney was so taboo and you'd get made fun of for it, but ironically given how popular she was, it's obvious most people were secret fans and just played the stupid card. Heck, even I did that for a little while. If sweet little Mara went through all that, you can only imagine that crap Britney went through.
  2. OMG can someone PLEASE gif that part where she's checking her wrist for the time? I don't know what I cackled so hard at that. She's so hilarious. And her acting at the end with the lipsyncing... omg love her!!!! And can we please talk about how fresh and gorgeous she looks??? She literally looks like her old self again!
  3. Oh gosh that was more of a Billy B trailer than a Britney trailer. I hope people drag the heck out of him for using Britney's name for personal gain.
  4. 60 Minutes has become a joke tbh. From reputable to typical fake news trash just like most news outlets these days. I'm sure they'll say alot of "allegedly" in reference to speaking to her to this day, but the general public tends to take that as fact. They should not be giving him a platform.
  5. Not surprised by this at all. It was obvious with how delayed that event was in the beginning (and that messy host struggling to keep everyone entertained during that cheap-*** parade LOL). Also, she looked frazzled and uncomfortable, yet regardless she was still professional and did what she had to. But of course, as soon as she showed any sort of joy to her fans, they pushed her away because they don't want her to write messages or a call for help. Just like during POM they never allow her to sing/talk except for very specific time frames when they can monitor and censor when needed.
  6. Because... 1. It doesn't benefit them; and 2. It would probably lead to a hypocritical backlash somehow with stuff they said or did in the past (i.e. when Xtina was on stage with JT and compared her to a blowup doll)
  7. What a sweet interview. I'm guessing this was before things went downhill. He touched on a lot of topics she faced over the years, but because she was innocent and let her father and other parties get too involved, she got screwed over. I respect her how she strives to live as normally as possible and not let the fame and stardom change her. But unfortunately, that gets too big and out of your control. :(
  8. Growing up I found him more annoying than attractive, but I think he's matured nicely and has become more **** as he aged. He's got a banging body, and his style is always on point, and I think he's genuinely a nice person. Drama free. Most of his music is basic though, but he knows how to sell. :)
  9. Sam saving our queen from her dungeon house. P.S. She's so freakin' hilarious
  10. I love how Britney always gives so much creative input in her music videos. That's why they always stand out among the others. I don't believe him when he says there's no deeper meaning lol. There clearly is, even if subconsciously from his own mind. But can we talk about "we were supposed to shoot on location" ???? An actual location video for that song would have been EPIC! I wasn't a huge fan of this video because she was obviously heavily medicated up, and I wasn't a fan of the aesthetic of the studio. But otherwise, the story was cool. Also, it's interesting how she came up with ideas from the meaning of the lyrics, yet many people on Exhale believe she hates that song, which I don't believe.
  11. I'm sure she has an NDA regarding her label and any business endeavors, which is standard.... but regarding her personal life, I'm sure it's threats (verbal, being grounded, being medicated, custody for her kids, freedom, etc).
  12. I feel like his apology wasn't even to Britney and Janet. He name dropped them in one sentence sure, but the whole post was just apologizing for being a white straight man, which no one should feel they have to apologize for being born who they are, unless they did something specifically wrong to a whole demographic. He should have acknowledged what he did and apologized for the specific things he did to Britney and Janet. Not make it some political post. Also, I hope he contacted them and apologized directly first (even though I'm sure both of them are long over it and couldn't give af). Otherwise, it's just a PR stunt.
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