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  1. Omg yes please a 100 part Britney conspiracy documentary to expose the lies Literally her team would die
  2. You guys are amazing holy ****. Look at you all working together and being personal investigators. If this goes viral this will be way beyond her teams damage control bullshit.
  3. My first time seeing it so HD omg. Especially with the car at the end it made a lot more sense ! I liked the good parts u took from the second video too
  4. She makes it look like real dance. Brian makes it look like a mix of cardio and seizure. But tbh, even crazy talented dancers like jade chenowyth doesn't make his choreo look better than brinny.
  5. Sam might be Britney's Sean Vanderwilt
  6. I think OP was referring to the Japanese media anyway i googled her performances in Japanese and nothing of the sort came out on the first page, though you might find people pointing it out on Twitter actually on the first tokyo date I briefly checked the twitter feed and overall most people and her fans were oblivious or didnt care about lipsync, i only saw one negative tweet
  7. Can you post links? I havent seen any articles like that yet, what I did notice is that some fans were praising her vocals on their twitter and instagram
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