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  1. They better stan While FF may sound a little dated and a little too ‘one-dimensional’, the production is stellar
  2. omg the 'britney (2001) album' sweatshirt is everything
  3. they should omg imagine all the unreleased britney footage they have in their archives. we need an exhaler to apply for a job at Viacom and leak everything they have
  4. Justin Timberlake, Ryan Phillippe, Chad Michael Murray, David Beckham, Brad Pitt, Matthew Laurence, Jesse Metcalfe, Josh Duhamel, Paul Walker, Nick Lachey, David Boreanaz, Ryan Sheckler...yes I was a ***** adolescent and where I do, it's legal
  5. SCREAMING omfg might just have to pull a rita ora afterall
  6. omg not you dragging me like this I thought we were cool the backlash is real
  7. this was my problematic era omg i have repented my sins now and FULLY appreciate 'Godme More' in all its glory Most pop songs do who gon tell ha
  8. - Baby - Oops - Lucky - Toxic - Gimme More is the only correct answer
  9. not you betraying me like this and voting for @EasyFlop. Exhale usher @Towelney officially cancelled. get the Titanic ship ready for aboard love you sweets. can't wait for our santa clarita day trip <3 xtina tease me when i'm lying not you being desperate and pulling a born this way to try and dethrone my power
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