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  1. I refuse to listen to anything until I get the full album. I’m an album purist Also she looks hot as hell in the picture you featured for this post. Made me question my sexuality a bit
  2. Where’s the option for both? Ranked: Tablet (most) Laptop Phone (least)
  3. This would be more believable if BH has any major exclusives in recent years, but it hasn’t. Not to mention, Jordan has both allowed #FreeBritney threads to not only be created, but also featured and promoted on his and BH’s social media. I haven’t seen any discussion on #FreeBritney here closed, not permitted, or removed unless it just got intolerably vile, hateful, or unproductive. This says a lot alone, but the fact that Jordan is still doing it even though Jamie almost had BH shut down completely around 2008-2010 iirc says even more. @moonwalkmars your TikTok video has done SO much for the #FreeBritney movement which we are all so thankful for. But after you’ve mentioned feeling unwelcome or disliked here along with everything i explained above, this kinda just feels like a stretch searching for a possible explanation for why you felt unwelcome. I’m sorry that Britney fans have treated you poorly and that your TikTok video has, I’m sure, brought a lot of unwanted attention, but the very large majority of us are supportive and grateful of you and what you’ve done. However, this unsourced claim ain’t it chief.
  4. It's not handed out or even sold at McDonalds, but you have the right idea lol. It's one of those tabloids that are on store checkout lines, at convenience stores, that seem to be everywhere. Definitely kind of cheap, gossipy, low-quality, but one of the most read magazines.
  5. Featured! T4p. I was going to write a post about this and feature it earlier, but I was too lazy and cared too little about Jake Paul to devote energy towards him
  6. Cute, fun, chill, but forgettable bop. One of those songs that you forget about for a while, but then it comes on randomly and you ask to yourself, “Damn, why don’t I listen to this more?” You tell yourself you will listen to it more often but you never do.
  7. When I was a kid. I had a few from a garage sale.
  8. Khalid’s Suncity artwork is great too! All around, he has consistently good artwork
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