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  1. Do you think Kevin drained her? What was her estate worth going into that marriage?
  2. Agreed on what likely happened... But are Britney and David now conspiring together? David is clearly allowing his photographs to be used for the Glory re-release. So... Something has...changed.
  3. Do you think David LaChapelle and Jamie had a falling out? And now Britney and David are conspiring?
  4. In the original she was wearing flesh-toned sockettes on her feet. On the new one they've Photoshopped them out. They've also flipped the mountains in the background, and added more mountains where the others used to be.
  5. It could be that the $60 million is liquid assets, in the sense that it's money the conservatorship has access to -- in the form of real estate (that can easily be bought and sold), term deposits, etc. Anything generated over and above that may be regularly invested into the SJB Revocable Trust. Where it gets sketchy is if the money in the trust is being invested in companies that Lou benefits from...so that she's not just being paid a commission fee based on her "business management" services for the conservatorship, but is also a receiving funds through companies she is a director or shareholder in. It seems as if Lou and Jamie have found every way imaginable to make bank off of Britney, over and above the services they were hired for in 2009...But they have to keep Britney constantly working in order to receive the benefits.
  6. Yep. It's all about the tour manager role...At least when it comes to money. The conservator role pays fairly, but the tour manager role is very lucrative. Notice that Britney was happier during the Circus tour? That was prior to her "second breakdown" -- which roughly coincided with Jamie stepping into the tour manager role in 2011. Notice that Britney became happier when Bryan was by her side in Vegas, and Jamie had left to spend time building Jamie Lynn's career? Notice that Britney refuses to work now? And by "work," I mean tour? She seems to love to spend time in the recording studio, and loves to film videos...but doesn't want Jamie on set or backstage when she's trying to do her thing. I suspect that Jamie stepped back into the tour manager role following the botched Make Me video...which would explain why her mental health appeared to go downhill in Vegas (e.g. ticks, bad makeup, skimpier and skimpier costumes). I truly believe she despises his presence, and his constant meddling in her artistry. But until it appears in a court document, it's all just a theory.
  7. Yes, I think the magazines used to refer to her total worth, not just her liquid assets. I think the conservatorship only has access to a small portion of her funds -- nothing that has been invested prior to February 2009. EDIT: However... Investing the SJB Revocable Trust funds in Stonebridge would have given Lou access for the first time. That is, if Lou is still actually connected to Stonebridge.
  8. I didn't know Bryan stepped back as co-trustee until it was announced just recently that Jamie Lynn was in the role. I'm assuming it occurred at the time Jamie Lynn stepped in during 2019, but am not certain. Bryan has never been conservator, and I don't think anyone has ever alleged that. I suspect Bryan became Tour Manager in August of 2015, which coincided with the era in which Britney began to flourish (it was those "Daddy issues" that she told Mario Lopez she had put behind her...the "Daddy issues" being Jamie involved in her day-to-day business). The Tour Manager role is distinct from the conservator role...and it was quite lucrative for Jamie. It made him a millionaire, and put him directly in contact with the daily inner workings of Britney's career: https://www.tmz.com/2011/09/27/britney-spears-dad-jamie-spears-larry-rudolph-manager-conservator-tour-manager-seven-figure-deal-femme-fatale-tour/
  9. It feels as if there may be a connection between Jamie Lynn taking over from Bryan as co-trustee of the SJB, and Stonebridge having 600 million out of the blue. Also, why did Bryan step back as co-trustee, when he had held that position since 2004? Did he step back at the same time that he stepped back from his role as Tour Manager (which he appeared to step into to replace Jamie in August 2015)? As of February 2008, it was thought that around $100 million was sitting in the SJB Revocable Trust: https://people.com/crime/whos-in-charge-of-britney-spearss-money/
  10. Wasn't the $60 million simply the assets that the conservatorship had access to? The rest was put in the SJB Revocable Trust in 2004.
  11. I've been saying this from Day 1. She wasn't in debt at the time the conservatorship was put in place. Was she facing many unsettled lawsuits? Yes. Was she buying real estate at a rapid pace? Yes. Did she blow tons of money on frivolous purchases? No. She shopped at Target. She's always shopped at Target. And real estate is an investment. The entire premise for the permanent conservatorship was a sham.
  12. Can you imagine what the original Make Me video must have been about? Let's hope we finally see the Director's Cut of the video as well.
  13. I grew up on vinyl. Yes, it does sound different. The sound is "warmer," and has more of a live feel to it. It's hard to explain, but people who grew up with vinyl will always love vinyl.
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