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  1. Yeah I just heard them, pretty sure that’s not Britney’s voice so I’m think songwriter or producer demos.
  2. I’m looking all over Twitter and don’t see them.
  3. Also check out the amazing website Britney Remixed. They compiled a full album full of the leaked tracks. https://www.britneyremixed.com/home/demo-collection
  4. I saw that and Billboard said the same thing, so logic would tell us November 27th is the release date. I’m hoping we get it Friday but I’m keeping my hopes down lol
  5. Shoot! Thought we were getting it this Friday, but not surprised since the Glory reissue is coming out on December 4th as well. Oh well, still not too far away.
  6. Great memories surrounding the album/timeframe it was released. I remember planning my 1st trip to Vegas to see Britney and buying tickets the day POM was announced. Despite the drama surrounding the album, I actually enjoy it. It helped me get through a painful breakup at that time and another breakup I had last year. The album is definitely helpful for anyone going through a breakup. So despite how trendy it is to hate this album, I actually love it. But I’ve never let this forum influence my decision anyway, so I’m able to enjoy the music regardless. It’s always so funny to me how it’s trendy for Britney fans to hate on this album, but when it first came out Britney fans were all like “OMG this is her best album since In The Zone” and “this is part of the Britney holy trinity.” Some Britney fans have a tendency to be negative in general and jump on bandwagons, and this is definitely a great example of that. I’ve also seen new fans or fans that aren’t very familiar with her music say they hate this album without giving it a chance. If you don’t like the album, that’s fine, but I think everyone deserves a chance to listen to it and judge for themselves. I think Exhale enjoys this album more than they pretend to hate it since I see a new BJ thread every other day.
  7. I think the December 10th LA Free Britney protest is actually cancelled to prevent the spread of Covid too.
  8. Usually I would be quick to call a BS Alert on this story, but given Jamie’s history with alcoholism, I can totally see this happening. It’s sad, I remember Britney talking excitedly in interviews about her restaurant opening up and sadly I think this is yet another business venture that her father messed up for her.
  9. Same. I’m sure it will come on Friday though. However, I’ve learned to remain cautiously optimistic when it comes to Britney so I don’t have meltdown if we don’t get it on Friday.
  10. Thank you so much! I have been wanting to revisit XFactorney lately
  11. I own and love both of these. I still wonder if that flawless fan that got a pizza party with her friends is still a Britney stan today? I'm guessing not, but you never know? The main grips I have about the Hawaii concert is that it they didn't include the Bop of the century known as "I Will Be There" even though it was broadcast on TV... Also, the Oops! performance being intercut with the music video is super annoying... The full music video is available to watch separately on the DVD, why couldn't they show the full uninterrupted performance???
  12. LOL, this is amazing! We need lego versions of her entire videography tbh.
  13. I agree, I rewatched it recently and it’s really refreshing to see Britney in such a candid way that we had never really seen previously.
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