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  1. Other than a mere mirror for fans to project themselves on it, I see nothing. Hahaha. Kidding, kidding. I just wanted to be annoying. But honestly, it is lackluster and uninspired
  2. My thoughts exactly. This only shows that they are not really smart and are very desperate. It is almost hard to believe they truly thought this would help. Lol.
  3. Do you remember that scene in the Titanic when they realize the ship is unavoidably sinking but they desperately try to get into the few rescue boats? Yep, they die anyways. Well, I don't know why but it's just the same feeling hahaha. Jamie might be a peown, but that doesn't take away his responsability and his awful behavior, or the fact that he has profited from it immensely and that if he actually truly cared for his daughter, all those rats would a e never crossed the door.
  4. I think people are giving this man way more importance than he actually has. And again, he clearly has some emotional/psychological issue and yet people are dragging him. Just freaking ignore him. Is he a total freak claiming to talk with Britney? Sure he is, so what? He is living his own little fantasy and nobody who is completely fine emotionally and or psychologically would invest this much energy and passion into their fantasy. What can he do? Appear on a shatty doc that looks shatty anyways? Tweet things? He has no power other than to annoy fans and play with their attention. I think this whole gatekeeping thing some fans are doing is ridiculous. Their egos are panned to by the media right now, because they need them and people who probably have never had any notoriety are getting their 15 mins. Haven't we learnt anything about this whole business?
  5. Of course. The reason why I said that is because, in multiple posts, some people tend to say "people here are haters of such and such" or "you are all pressed" (you can scroll up and find the comment that mentioned that) and most of the time, I don't see any disrespect. Yes, there are some angry people who cross lines and I totally oppose that, but saying you consider someone something, doesn't make people a hater immediately or pressed. Example, I dislike Demi Lovato and that doesn't mean I was rejoicing at her recent comments about her brain damage. I don't hate her, I just don't like her and her attitude, but I would never mock her health or struggles and yet, I can still say her songs and attitude, imo, suck. Does that make me pressed? That was the only point. Thanks for your answer. Appreciated. I agree with you. I think it depends on each person. I totally agree that if you are literally going on to every si gle post about a celeb you hate, something is off there. But sometimes, in my case at least, I express an opinion that I consider might bring something to the conversation. I rarely post on Madonna threads except if something really pops up as an opportunity to criticize something bigger than just her, cause absolutely, I don't want to be the person who is always posting "what an idiot" or stupid thing like that just to.... Troll? Hahaha. I dunno. Anyways, thanks for your comment.
  6. And her whole answer is exactly why she is a flop. Stupid troll the one who wrote the message, but both of them are morons. What an idiotic answer. And what on Earth is it with those who feel offended by others disliking her? It's great you love her and find her amazing. Totally valid and respectable, but disliking her doesn't make anyone a freaking hater. It's called opinions and taste and people happen to have a diversity of them. Jesus with the whole mentality of getting offended if someone dislikes your fav. Past 13 years old that starts becoming pretty stupid.
  7. Now, we need a letter for Blue for changing the lives of black kids all over the world with her Goddesness (I just made that up cause damn, it's Blue y'all) and awesomeness.... Wait...?
  8. Exactly. Like uhhh I wonder why someone who has been used as a racehorse for years would oppose to such an amazeballs thingy? I mean, c'mon. The amazing thing is that she didn't snap before
  9. This. I think the main problem with this movie is not having chosen a non-autistic actor, is the way they portray it and the lack of real knowledge and as you say, the caricaturization of a complex thing. And also the lack of humbleness from Sia. She was a total ***.
  10. Thanks for putting my thoughts into words. To me, this is obvious. Create a fake drama, pretend there are two sides and boom! Become a star of your own sitcom. The other day I heard this actor talking about a fake feud with a singer (can't remember but both are known) and how playing along brought them some coverage. This is drama for their own benefit. Other than some rats trying to profit and briging some material of conversation for boring moments on forums and social media, this is absolutely useless and exploitative, but in a very pathetic way. To me this is so transparent that it is almost not threatening.
  11. Evil and murderer are pretty unidimentional. A person can be truly awful and destructive without ever having killed another. To put it in a different way, evil has a thousand faces and sometimes it is entitlement, lack of empathy, exploitation, indifference. Beyond definitions, he has been far, far from exemplary.
  12. I really find him yucky, beyond Britney`s mistreatment. I wish he just disappeared into oblivion. Nonetheless, I still see a lot of people kissing his *** and claiming he will be nominated for an Oscar (ha!) for that stupid movie he is in. Ugh. I really think his new record will be more daddy pop, but who knows.
  13. Haha! I have no recollection of this though. How did Gaga end up having Jamie's meet? (haha could not resist)
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