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  1. You're wrong, it was officially established in 2011 after the fights with the little monsters (Gaga fans) and the radio campaign success http://www.breatheheavy.com/exhale/index.php?/topic/328615-b-army-celebration-britneys-big-success-on-radio-mediabase-2011-year-end-official-chart-now-up/&page=3 TMA had built up the Army since 2009 and started calling Britney Army since 2010 (during "3" radio request campaign) TMA had gathered the "fan soldiers" on another forum breatheheavy since 2004 when Exhale was not exist, one year later the name "Godney" appeared in TMA's signature "In Godney We Trust" in 2005 along with the release of SIWU (because the original title of SIWU is TMA) but the female admin called "Jenni" was not nice so TMA called her '*****" then moved to EFG and Exhale which led to the dead of BB as TMA had contributed more than 1,000 positive exclusive threads from 2004 - 2006, best media sharer when iTunes was not a thing. Britney's last major hit is SnS not IWG, you're really disrespectful Your existence in this forum is TMA's impact but you will never understand hahah, NEVER!
  2. and you chose to believe them? SP being a single has nothing to do with the 2 fansite membership i don't see your logic? Since when people are not allowed to post on other fansites? Did you checked if i had posted there? Learn to check your fact before making false accusation... you guys don't know me so don't make up stuff about me...i would like to remind you that TMA built up the Army, called this fanbase "Britney Army" because we are really strong in supporting and fighting for Britney, TMA is the spirit that lead the way...and oh my friends are not allowed to post but they can send me the links to check...they laughed when they read your ungrateful posts.... but i'm here to blow some positivity to this forum i don't want to argue with Britney fans so i accept your apology
  3. There's nothing we can do to help SP now, no radio deal due to the low budget...RCA is not smart enough to invest in airplay, me, you and many members in the Army were exhausted requesting MM day and night... Do you think Britney should invest 100K for the video and 500K for a big radio deal, 400K for a Vevo deal on her own? 1M dollars can be donated to help many poor people may we consider...
  4. Much thanks for your kind support but these PG, SP songs will not help album sales because they are boring they themselves can't even sell (not in Top 100 iTunes) i don't know why fans voted for it, after MM another slow song wouldn't work you know, LMD is even better than SP...anyway Britney still can pay for the video for the 3rd single if she really wants...If Liar was chosen as lead single, MM 2nd single things would be different now...need a good concept for Liar now....
  5. Don't let RCA win, you're supporting their choice, not Britney's ...it's not good for her career...they wanted her to promote the single but it ain't selling well because the lack of airplay...those idiots in RCA always underestimate the power of airplay... if SP flopped Britney will have a good reason to leave them...let Britney leave RCA...a new beginning with a new label for B10...the floppage is annoying, RCA is so bad...
  6. SP is boring...i hope Liar will get released as 3rd single in March then i will gather my beloved Army to request it on radio...it can do wonder for the album imo, i have a strategy for album rerelease with 3 bonus tracks...new album end of 2018 to celebrate 20 years so we need a hit to pave the way...
  7. I never really left Exhale i've been busy with my business... my friend told me you talked **** behind my back when i was not on? play nice!
  8. MM is a great song i love it, it repeaked at #2 iTunes right? i was so happy when i checked iTunes on that day... Britney was busy performing it at VMAs but damn RCA destroyed its radio performance by shading the radio pds via email and removing it from the discount list the following week so it completely lost the momentum i was so mad...
  9. Britney does things she feels like doing...she wouldn't promote those singles RCA wanted her to do but she could do her fans a fav... because she loves her fans..be happy because she is performing SP here and there but don't ask for more A potential hit (like SnS) doesn't need promotion to become a big hit, they become huge hits on their own as the gp enjoy & buy them... If TIG & Liar had been chosen by RCA, things would be so different now...i hope Britney will spend 100K to shoot a video with an interesting concept then release Liar as 3rd single next year...radio would eat this song up...
  10. I've been very busy but i do check Exhale every week. Fans wanted SP single and they got it but they seem to never know which songs can do wonder for Britney's career... their choice for Criminal instead of Gasoline, Perfume over TIG... SP after PG...it's like they are helping RCA destroy their fav's career slowly i can't..
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