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  1. From what I get, it seemed like she was more passionate about fashion. I always get the vibe that although she loves singing, I think it was more of an obligation since that was literally what she had to do to make a living for the family. This is just my observation from watching interviews of her that I think she is able to express herself through that aspect so I can definitely see her being like Britney and slowing down her career to maybe focus on her fashion brand or something on the more business side to be able to have a family. I feel like Jlo kinda carried out that plan for her as thats kinda what I see Selena doing in the future but the difference is Selenas discography would slay as we know Jlo doesn't have an ear for hits.
  2. I wish the folks at Gagadaily can accept this fact. They completely erased her from pop history and think The Fame influenced the sound of that time instead of Blackout. The audacity that Britney constantly gets disrespected...I can't wait till she's free and expose the horrid things she went through just to make the haters feel extra bad about themselves or suddenly turn 180 and suck her toe
  3. Exactly so whats up with forcing everybody to not talk about anything else than the "problem at hand" that has already been going on for years. Go on the freebritney thread then and bump that up if you have been here long enough then you would know that's where we do all the freebritney talking and keeping it alive for that very reason. Haven't you seen the rest of us on there posting stuff related to the the cause? Who cares if people want to talk about other stuff? does Britney curl up and cries herself to sleep every day for the past decade in the cship? No she's gonna make the most of it and they barely are diving into the case, you guys act like this court case is like the make it or break it where they announce if she's free or not. That didn't happen last time and definitely not now. She knows it's gonna be a long process hence why she's not stressing about it because there will be more hearings it's been this way for a long time even with outside help so please calm your ****.
  4. Again, you being a Karen. Have you checked the #freebritney topic? You acted like none of us have done anything to help and guess what many of us have continued to run our mouths about it hence why so many now are aware of her situation so don't just jump in here and acting "alright guys here's what we need to do. you and you need to do this and we need to do this" sounds to me like a typical karen trying to get her 2 cents heard even though everyone already knows. Are you going out there and spreading the word? what you are doing is telling others what to do and that to me is not being helpful. No one likes a bossy pants
  5. I think her label owns her masters and i know for sure they aren't letting it go that easily. Her catalogue is valuable, all those hits
  6. this has been going on since 2008 and now ya'll actually taking this seriously? look at yourself before demanding others to fight the cause. Jordan has always been supportive and has even been shut down by Jamie before yet he still allows freebritney topics. Instead of standing there and being a Karen making sure people are doing their part...DO YOUR PART, everyone else will and is. Thats why we're here right?
  7. I actually have 1.7 oz of believe that just went empty and thinking of repurchasing or getting something new. I do love it especially the reformulated version (without the metal top) as it's fresher than the original.
  8. darn, I was hoping for the atomizer...I got prerogative rave and honestly, not really feeling it so thinking of revisiting the curious line again.
  9. it looks gorgeous! (assuming thats the one on your profile) I been thinking long and hard about getting that or in control
  10. my problem with her is she never lets things go and there was only one time we had a sane conversation but that's after going through a headache inducing argument. Then the trolling gets out of hand, I seen her do worst on others so I shouldn't complain. Definitely now that I'm a mod...don't want her back
  11. honestly I just want to be an extra in anything Britney. I can just sit there and watch her chew gum like a creeper...omg such a bad look but honestly I really can, she's the only celebrity where she can breathe and I'll lose my ****
  12. I rarely sings songs aloud I usually just let the music do the talking but I always find myself singing along this
  13. that's why when Madonna tells Lourdes that what she's wearing is too provocative she responds back "That's rich coming from you"
  14. yeah but there's a difference between just going public and just shouting it out loud we saw Mariah Carey tried to do this during her breakdown and the media just twisted it to making her look even more crazy thanks to Tommy's connections. I think she's being cautious and finding the right time or way because it can backfire on her because Lou has more resources and power
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