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  1. Does it just buys it like us and just resells it? some of the stuff are double the price
  2. indeed, I'm excited to see how it's going to turn out, obviously her voice has changed so would be a treat to hear her sing her old songs again now that she's older.
  3. I feel like she’s more passionate about re-recording so I feel that’s all she’s been working on. She’s been talking about this since forever so I’m sure she wants to get this done ASAP just to piss Scooter off. The fact she chose to do her acceptance speech with her in the recording studio is just her letting Scooter know she means business and not afraid of him.
  4. Not really, she practically knows the songs so she can crank out a few songs a day and a trained musician would know how to replicate the sounds so it’s like painting the dots for all involved. Legally she’s not allowed to so I doubt she would risk it especially since scooters team would love to swoop in and expose her. She did a whole album while in quarantine and signed thousands of albums to secure a number 1.
  5. Katy...give it up, you’re a Bragg ambassador/investor/board member now, that pays the rent now. Think about your children
  6. I mean what a legend Not even Madonna can do the things she do like gain full control over Britney. Khabalah wasn’t enough Madge you gotta step it up. She will go down in history alongside Hit**r. Lou has ensured her own legacy in this world
  7. Wish she have Ellen direct a music video, I mean she directed this commercial
  8. As a long time fan, you know when she has put her touch to things. Even many fans were saying that we finally get that Britney touch that has been missing in the past recent records. Interviews she was saying how she was not happy with the previous album and that she had to step in and really get dirty and it shows. She’s always been a consistent person, when she says something she means it. Ever since 2008 she has been doing everything she can to get out of the cship and a lot of us on here can tell but her team is lucky to have the media on their hands to cover things up yet everyone here acts like Britney just woke up and finally got some sense knocked into her. Give the girl more credit than that.
  9. I was thinking the same. Ever since the duet, kinda side eyed her like when Miley had Britney on bangerz
  10. I actually don't mind the cropping, you can tell he tries to capture a mood or vibe and that's probably why Britney was so at ease with him and said he's one of the best photographers she's worked with. Like I can see she was having fun and he captured it. It's very artsy in a least pretentious way. I love it and hope she can work with him again
  11. and that's why she's swimming in the stars due to Dua's levitating
  12. Sure let’s loop all the fans in that category because you have nothing else to say.
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