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  1. Honestly I’m not Kevin so I can’t say but I will say it’s strange that once britney breaks up w a guy it’s dunzo. She doesn’t do the whole let’s try it again or reconnect. When they break up it’s over lol. Whichhh i find odd with Kevin cause they shared kids together so youde think if there’s a genuine love they wouldn’t be able to resist trying to give it another go. I mean I’m sure he thought she was hot cause she was seen as the it girl trendsetter and what it meant to be pretty in 2004, I’m just not sure if it was love.
  2. I think this is the most interested the gp has been in her since 2008 tbh. Unless the music is bad I can see her next album and tour slay. I’d be curious to see what the music is like too cause I’m not sure rca cares as much as jive did back then for the quality of the music since bj happened
  3. Britney was better overall, the look the videos the imagery the music, but they gave it to Christina cause of her voice which like an above user said isn’t all it takes to be the best. In hindsight it should’ve went to britney if u consider what she was putting out from 98-04. I think her work is still top notch (blackout is her best) post 2004 I think in a way it became too obvious she did this as a side gig while the other artists in the category had passion for every release since
  4. The only good track he’s put out the last yr is anyone. The random singles and the last album sucked
  5. Track listing should’ve been baby sometimes crazy btmyh (I love it so I kept it) oops lucky stronger slave overprotected toxic everytime gimme more piece of me break the Ice womanizer circus amy radar 3
  6. When it comes to make me I def think of the vmas moreso than the video. I think more ppl think of the snake for slave 4 u as well. Toxic is legit defined by its video so that one I can’t think of anything other than maybe abc special
  7. Not to sound weird but I sometimes think they’re envious of how interesting britneys story is. Not saying it’s true but sometimes I think they stood up for Kesha cause they don’t see her as a threat in the celebrity world or that many ppl actually cared about her situation. Where as this movement would honestly for wrong reasons make Britney one of the most sought after stars again
  8. I can really see her doing a new residency on her own terms and ideas tbh. And an album. I’m sure she’s itching for one that is all her ideas and has freedom to go. I also see her wanting more kids maybe even adopting.
  9. It’s my fav tour cause it was my 1st concert I think the opening is her best, piece of me amazing, touch of my hand outstanding, if u seek any and get naked her nicely choreographed and everytime is stunning
  10. I think other than what’s been released the rest of her iconic looks are and how likely they’ll get a pop white and pink bomt tour outfit: not likely crazy green top: not likely sometimes white look: not likely lucky: I can see them making the pink robe outfit stronger: not likely slave pink top: not likely me against the music pantsuit: not likely Vma 07: not likely blackout cover: I can see it if they’re doing one from each era Womanizer looks: unlikely circus ringleader: likely hold it against me wedding dress: unlikely iwg crop top: unlikely work ***** is iconic but I don’t think the looks are i can’t see anything from glory era either, unless they do the 2020 cover
  11. I love that through the years ppl have paid attention to the detail of her toxic costume by including the exact earring. I think the zone sold a key chain of that earring too.
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