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  1. She recorded a new intro for the Mood Ring Pride Remix so maybe she DID want this released
  2. BSB feature?? Hmmm... when was this recorded? For Glory? Or for B10? or was it something Britney recorded and they later got in touch with BSB after the fact to record? I’d like to know I am excited for new Britney songs. Just hope it’s not high pitchney
  3. Thankful for... my boyfriend my friends and family and for y’all of course for keeping me entertained
  4. These pictures are not photoshopped, this is for her Rolling Stones shoot. She had on either a weird wig or some crazy extensions. Seems like she was covered head to toe in oil.
  5. The second picture would have been a great album cover. Another missed opportunity smh
  6. Ugh Idk why but I never liked the Britney cover. I don’t like the blue/yellow colors they used and Idk. I As for Glory... I feel like they had no excuse. They could have done another shoot... or used a photo from her V magazine shoot. Anything better than what they chose.
  7. Found this info on Twitter, pretty sure it’s official! Matches (2016) Written by Britney Spears. Lyric sneak peek: ”Pass me the matches, I’m settin’ the courts on fire My dad was let go, he’s available for hire Oh he was sent to prison Knew I was happy for a reason”
  8. Meghan Markle has chosen to speak out and vocalize what she is going through. Britney has remained silent throughout. I think this plays a major role.
  9. “I don’t think [the Weeknd’s omission calls the nominations] process into question, honestly,” he said. “The process is there so we can continue to monitor excellence. I was in the ‘core room’ this year [which decides the main categories] and I observed, and the people in it are music professionals, at the top of their craft in songwriting and producing and there are a lot of artists. And they were critically listening to every song that came across their desks — or virtual desks — so I don’t think it shows a flaw in the process. It’s a long, arduous process and people take pride in it. The people in that room care: there are no agendas in there, there’s no ‘let’s snub this person’ or that person. It’s about, ‘Let’s try and find excellence.’” HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA The Grammy's were better off staying silence than putting out a garbage statement like THAT! LETS TRY AND FIND EXCELLENCE *meanwhile, nominates Yummy and Changes as song/album of the year HAHHAHAHAH stfu
  10. PERIODT! Britney could have had 9 !!!! ICONIC ALBUM COVERS !!!!! Like Madonna! Or Mariah Carey! But No! She has the graphic design team from hell
  11. Tbh it’s kind of expected we all go into a new Britney album loving it. It’s our queen. We all need a few weeks to process the album to see whether we actually enjoy it or not. I stopped listening to Britney Jean literally ONE month after I bought it. Once you get over the excitement of a new album, you realize it’s absolute horse ****
  12. ITZ, FF, BJ, and Glory are all different versions of each other. ITZ is the only one done successfully @Stannedforever Quite good though? Idk. Circus was so boring and vanilla for an album title + concept like that. BOMT is cute and all but it was so innocent and soo pink. Britney is the QUEEN of photoshoots. How can she have such amazing magazine covers and shoots yet such lackluster album covers??? It makes no sense
  13. The grammys are cancelled. Whoever is in charge there doesn’t care about rewarding REAL art and talent To nominate Changes really shows they are all about the benjamins honey! There is no integrity there. All that matters is ANTI will remain beloved and acclaimed forever while Changes and other Grammy flops fade into the abyss.
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