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  1. I know you're incredibly humble, and that is one of the many reasons I adore you, but you - your music, your personal life, your resilience, everything - means so much to so many people and has inspired just as many and for that I need to say I love you and thank you. bet your *** im gonna fit as many words in my one sentence as I can 💅🏾
  2. I agree! Hell, there isn't a single Britney song that doesn't deserve better tbh 😭 (besides "Chillin With You" I refuse to like that song 💅🏾). IRA is such a dreamy song 😍
  3. Shout-out to those who are giving love to the original! I love when Britney is glammed and done up for the LORD as much as the next, and would love to get her a stylist (both hair and clothes), but the obsession with her being 'perfect' (or all girls - and mostly just to elevate your edge over other Stans/public based on looks) makes me sad and to see the nitpicking in someone's physical appearance (and I don't give one flying f' if she's a public figure or not so save that argument for someone who will respond and care!) With that being said...thanks OP for posting. The pic is hot can't deny that 😂😂 Maybe we just all want the best for Britney at the end of the day and that also includes how she looks so I get it.
  4. Can someone please put this cow back in her pasture? I am so sick of her. I can't wait to watch her crash and burn.
  5. Miss Penny is and has been dealt a nice hand $$$$ behind closed doors for a very long time. That I do not doubt by any means. In some way shape or form I can almost guarantee it, unfortunately. She’s just as crooked as the rest. Wouldn’t be the first judge in any high court. They’re all an embarrassment to a system that needs intense looking into. All of this just makes me that much more sad for Britney. And helpless because I can’t do anything about it.
  6. She is her hair (not really obviously 🙄 but let's be honest she just looks "Katy Perry" with black hair). Love it!
  7. Read the room Aj! While I would love for her to put her everything into a great video for this song which I think is a bop...yeah.
  8. Excited! I know Denali from the Chicago circuit because my friend is a competition queen and she was always the nicest of them all! I haven't got to see her perform really so Im excited to see how she uses her background in performance. I have a few faves so far!
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