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  1. I wish I can have a brand new surface phone or at least a new up to date windows mobile buuut as it's totally dead, I had to switch to android and got a Xiaomi MI9SE and this is the best phone ever , small and powerfull. I was waiting for a 10SE, but it's not coming...
  2. So we got a live perfomance of Oops, we need the full rehearsal lol. That was a very good period...
  3. Yep so damn good the Gimme More one^^ a joke, but found it's really well made - not a remix though lol
  4. Break The Ice (Rochelle Remix) : Gimme More (Paul Oakfenfold Remix) : Gimme More (3min03) Stronger : JK That one : Love Britney's voice mastering on those mixes
  5. This is true, I met her in Zurich during the Femme Fatale Tour ! I had a better and long chat with her, I can confirm she is really really sweet, she was so accessible and agreed to a photo. For me that was like meeting Britney in person, which I did after. Big time, the only thing I managed to tell her was "you're so gorgeous" she answered "Thank you". Appart lots of advices from Fe, I was not really able to totally enjoy the meet and greet with Brit, too fast to realise. But the meet with Fe was incredible, she also came back to me after to ask me if that was great, which she was really not forced to, that show us she is really caring about people, far from being hypocrite like Bret (that turn the head when we cross her in the corridor - a shady puppet). So yeah Fe is THE friend we all need. I could kill to get my Fe friend ^^
  6. Slave original choreography was perfect, they just need to watch the DWAT tour, original mix with thunders was soooo powerful
  7. You know I'm in @Slayer [We NEED more Femme Fatale's era gifs for sure^^ This one does NOT represent my current mood lol]
  8. "- But what do you want to say to people that say you haven't told enough? - Hum... I'll have a good book, one day... a good mysterious book." For The Record 41.47 mins.
  9. She's having fun, so the video was deleted... If someone have a reposted link
  10. This is how Britney should live today. Doing what she wants when she wants and managing her own business and life. She gained that.
  11. Nope : 10. Don't Cry : 8/10 Too much unbearable sounds but the music is good, needs a Mona Lisa remix (the original version).
  12. That's my comment for Passenger not : 9. Chillin With You (ft Jamie-Lynne Spears) : 0/10 do not even have the right to get a comment
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