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  1. Come thru Vivian, show them what a good, ethical lawyer you are
  2. Not very happy about it being animated, but they still did a good job and Im actually so happy the entire cast is returning I think I will legit watch this due to nostalgia, plus the writers always have a way of making it funny
  3. Since none of my FAKE FRIENDS on this forum have mentionded me I'll just say that I am and should be assocated with the Britney album as Goderella is one of my fave songs. That's for the future references you fake hoes Bye
  4. Whatever, nobody needs his ***** apology or his ***** existence anyway. He will always be marked as scumbag trash who tortures others for money, and for that he will always be miserable
  5. WandaVision is a literal masterpiece I swear, no other TV show has done anything like this before and I live for it. I couldn't wait for it to air, but I decided to wait for at least 6 episodes to come out I barely did it tbh, but then I just bing watched it all in one night I am really excited for the next episode, I need to know what happens next so bad I won't spoil it for all the folks who are just starting
  6. Is she in her right mind? He's been rightfully accused for animal abuse and is also best friends with Seungri, a man who is serving a prison sentence for pimping girls to business partners?? What is wrong with her? I think that Blackpink is coming to their end tbh, too bad. YG has a history of dismissing strongest girl groups in the game (done it to 2ne1). It's a shame
  7. This is really true tbh. Her voice and overall image really did help her become the pop legend that she is, while Christina just disappeared at one point and had miserable sales; the new generations barely even know or care about her, while Britney continues to intrigue even them. Nearly all the Gen Z kids know Britney's classics, while most of the dont give af about Christina Britney was marketed REALLY WELL, and that is a fact. However it backfired on her and she became a slave of the industry and people surrounding her. Had the entire situation around her been handled better, I'm pretty sure she would still be dominating the industry effortlessly.
  8. Personally I think she will never create a better song than Full Moon. That song could literally be released right now and still sound fresh. In spite of that, though, I think tail is good and contemporary The music video definitely helps the overall feel of the song so I like that as well. Not her best record, but definitely a very good one nevertheless
  9. Lol no, I gave it one full listen and then I tried to give it a 2nd but got extremely bored in the middle of it and stopped It's an excruciatingly boring album I'm sorry to say, I disliked it immediately. I understand she likes the rnb/trap kinda direction, but make it contemporary wtf, 98% of that album sounds like it came out of 90s gurl?! The only good song on the entire album is Positions, and it's actually a VERY good song, so I was genuinely let down to hear the rest of the album is a snooze fest. It's literally like she made an hour long megamix from a single song
  10. ohhhh excited for this. Sunmi is a very talented queen!
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