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  1. Let me say, I logically and morally agree with veganism. I believe being vegan truly is the right way to go for your health and spirit. I’ve been vegan off and on. I’ve been vegetarian off and on. Are you familiar with Dr. Sebi’s alkaline electric diet (which is also vegan)? I’ve been that, too. I was most recently on Dr. Sebi’s diet & I started feeling extremely weak. It was exhausting moving my muscles, I felt like I was gonna fall out. So, I knew the way I was getting protein wasn’t “enough” for me. I bought chicken breast and ate grilled chicken. I immediately felt better and got my strength back. I’ve been eating meat and dairy ever since. Cheese is the biggest weakness. But I do not eat a lot of meat - I’ve invested in protein shakes. Since I’ve found a good protein shake, I’ve been considering trying that alkaline electric diet again. But...cheese!!!
  2. None of those sentences describe the way I feel about him. He is not Jesus - but I do love him (not on a Britney level). I appreciate him deeply. He is fascinating. He is eccentric. He is a true artist. I can also separate the art and the artist quite well. (You can’t/shouldn’t love a whole person. Only parts of people. If you love the whole person - they will end up disappointing you somehow.)..that applies in a lot of situations. It makes sense to me, anyway.
  3. Can we also appreciate Shadow live on tour? I live for that deep voice (and that hair) !
  4. I feel like @Jordan Miller should take this one 🙃
  5. I feel like when she lights up the most is when she’s playing different characters (trying on outfits, black wig in music video, Halloween costume, playing makeup artist) PS - I hear you, Britney! “I feel like it’s important for me to do this film so people will understand what’s really going on.”
  6. “We love her. Not because of the stardom. But because she’s like the rest of us.” 😭 This is so hard to re-watch. She looks so uninterested in everything (understandably) - and there are people around her making the decisions, coming up with the ideas... when it’s her career. I wish she didn’t have to go through these things until she felt good enough to get into the “creative seat.” When your basic needs aren’t even met (autonomy), it’s hard to be concerned with anything else (career). The rest of life just kinda takes a back seat.
  7. Umbrella. Not letting her use her natural singing voice.
  8. Britney has the right to fail, as well as succeed. This inherent right shouldn’t be taken away from any non-criminal adult.
  9. Oh yeah. Been an off and on Exhaler for years. People have been so negative. Thankfully, this place, for the first time in a long time, is semi-unified now. & BTW it’s obvious your information is correct, or at least on a lead to the right path. People just want to stroke their own egos that comes with being “technically correct”.
  10. And I, for one, appreciate your information & dedication. Thank you.
  11. As an American tween at the time, I’m going with I Want It That Way. I feel like I Want It That Way was a more loved song. Of course on a Britney forum, most answers will be her. I also want to add that I Want It That Way was released April 1999. Baby One More Time was released October 1998, so they didn’t really have to actually “battle” each other on the charts.
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