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  1. 1: Beatles (they are pop and 🪨). 2: Elvis Presley (he is pop among other things, confirmed under his Wikipedia just like Beatles). 3: Michael Jackson. 4: Whitney Houston. 5: Madonna. 6: Elton John. 7: Rihanna (she’s a legend sales wise and way above Beyoncé at that, who would have thought that?) 8: Celine Dion. 9: Mariah Carey. 10: Taylor Swift (cuz of her sales Thereas influence, I personally don’t like her that much but I recognise and accept facts). Fun facts: 1: Britney and Janet Jackson have the same amount of sales. 2: Janet’s sales are surpassed by Beyoncé, Adele, Maroon 5, Lil Wayne, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, and Drake etc. 3: Who would have thought Gaga has sold less than Katy Perry, Bruno Mars, Chris Brown, Ed Sheehan, Biebs, Kanye, Drake etc. Time to reevaluate who’s genius and who’s a self centred smug smart ***.
  2. You have good points too. Just the whole outrage about Britney being off the rails or triggered by the paparazzi was such a drama and the wigs (at least some) were a reminder of that . Miley Cyrus is a great example for your argument, she reinvented herself completely and benefited from it, I guess because she was so scandalous and provocative as opposed to her previous image, the transition was too in your face to not dive into somehow. Whereas Katy got the same hairdo but her videos and image actually toned down, became more mellow and less out of the box as compared to before imo. Or maybe we just got too used to her style it became boring and how she used herself as a joke didn’t help either imo (Swish, Hey Hey Hey for instance) . Still hope she will do a music video as a woodland elf 🧝🏻‍♀️, featuring her husband 🧝🏼‍♂️, it would actually fit her sense/catalogue of doing themed music videos, and it’s highly relevant for her to do that imo .
  3. Hi 🙋🏻‍♀️. Just for the record in wasn’t referring to anything Britney specifically here. It was referring to the idea of boycotting In The Zone because R Kelly is involved in one track. I tried disagreeing with that logic given how many things should be boycot then because of products having been partially made by/influenced by/related to ***ual predators/people with charges of ***ual misconduct/felonies, whatever it is called. I fully support Britney for not wanting to work, I support actively refusing things and speaking up about it when you are mistreated and cry for help and change. But I won’t boycot listening to Britney ever again because her father was violent to her son, you know, for example. People can cancel all they want and call out bad decisions, which is cool but if they want to do their own logic right they should just never watch tv, news, movies, singers. Because there are bad, controlling and predatory people roaming secretly everywhere in Hollywood.
  4. Obviously you are unable to see the bigger picture here? I just drew it for you but you didn’t get it. Why would i be bored, for one you write just as long messages as me, although less coherent and meaningful. Calling me a rat? That reminds me how unproductive it is to argue with children. Bye.
  5. So getting backlash for fusing genres . How non-progressive of the Grammys to ignore an artist who is creative/inventive enough to make multi genre hits . It's rather anti evolution, musically speaking .
  6. sure lets boycot all of Michael Jackson's music too. lets erase the entire legacy of Elvis Presley as he started grooming Priscilla when she was 14. lets boycot Celine Dion as she was groomed by her husband since she was 12. lets boycot Lord Of The Rings, Kill Bill and Pulp Fiction because Harvey Weinstein is a producer. lets also boycot Meryl Streep because she applauds Roman Polanski. Let us then boycot the Oscars because the Oscars applaud Meryl Streep, Roman Polanski and Woody Allen. Let us then boycot Hollywood because of its close connection to the Oscars. Let us then boycot the movie and TV industry because of their affiliation to/imitation of Hollywood business protocols. Lets boycot TV news because they have produced a lot of content with Matt Lauer.
  7. Honestly, professionally she’s a brand and she has to sell herself as a whole package which includes her looks. I never cared for her voice actually (I love Dark Horse and ET but I don’t obsess over her voice). I cared for her: music video plots, aesthetics, appearance and presence due to her major popularity as she was inescapable. Long story short she changed her looks for the worse imo, her music video plots suffered by her not delivering **** anymore imo, her aesthetics halted and became more joking and sloppy. 1: Would you buy a Barbie if her hair was chopped super short? 2: Why do you think people were outraged by Britney going bald? (I mean others like Demi Moore did it too but people didn’t mind that). Because both Britney and Katy’s music careers are highly branded and marketed through selling a polished fantasy, being attractive dolls that girls would want to be and look like, and boys would like to... acquaint. When you peel away the foundation of their initial success and popularity you will see results... sometimes negative. There’s a difference between artistic growth and dropping all of your most important brand/marketing trademarks.
  8. To compare Britney's Barbie beauty with Gaga's clown makeup, cheap wigs and discount Marilyn Manson aesthetics. To compare Britney's iconic and fierce stage performances with Gaga wobbling around, puking intentionally on stage and yapping by the piano. To compare Britney's sweet, humble and down to earth personality to Gaga's fake and scripted persona, her using the name of Lucifer instead of God, and her being besties with and student of obvious satanist Marina Abramovich. To compare the numbers, sales etc. To compare consistently **** and fashionable yet inventive to somebody who blatantly steals from Madonna etc, goes from Halloween/BDSM on crack looks, preaching justice for differences and minorities to be wanted to be taken seriously in standard gowns and glamour at the Oscars and next to Tony Bennet. To name a few. The blasphemy is crazy here. There's the legend and there's the new, woke puppet benefiting from/robbing drag queen culture musically but when it comes to presenting herself as an actor she is a normal glamour doll (split to fit).
  9. Quite pathetic move imo . Cuz why spend time on re-recording five old albums that will never possess the same fairy dust as the originals when she could record three new albums in that time . Money 💰 talks; invention, creativity and imagination do not .
  10. She’s just not interesting anymore . Prism was her encore . #longblackhairmatters
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