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  1. Britney headlining (segments 3 and 5 have interludes in between the songs which are all classical music): Segment 1: Jungle/Island/Tropical theme. 1: Outrageous (jungle set featuring Banana the snake). 2: Slave 4 U (island set featuring Johnny Depp on a pirate ship). 3: Get Naked (tropical beach set going from daylight to sunset. Dancing with a dancer on sand and then in shallow water). Segment 2: Spring break/Coney Island theme. 4: Baby One More Time (spring break pool party, featuring Cardi B chorus). 5: My Love (pool party by night, featuring Justin Timberlake ofc). 6: Bombastic Love (Coney Island set, ends with thunderstorm and Britney on the dock). Segment 3: Aquaman theme. 7: Toxic (Britney submerges into water tank, falls into Mariana Trench). 8: Overprotected/Lucky remix (Atlantica castle). 9: Crazy (featuring Jason Momoa entering on an orca, underwater war set). 10: Oops I Did It Again (featuring Amber Heard, bombs a pirate ship together from underwater). Segment 4: Urban theme. 11: Gimme More/Heartless remix (casino/strip club set, featuring The Weeknd). 12: Piece Of Me/Do Somethin’ remix (mansion party set, featuring Miley Cyrus Midnight Sky section). 13: DNA and Cry Me A River mashup (featuring Little Mix, empty mansion by night, ends with Britney passing out outside). Segment 5: LOTR theme. 14: I Wanna Go (forest set, Britney riding a horse in the backdrop). 15: Born To Make You Happy/Boys/Breathe On Me remix (Rivendell set, dancing with elves, featuring Lana Del Rey section). 16: ET/Stronger remix (Mordor set, dancing with orcs, featuring Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom as elves). 17: I Run Away/Everytime remix (Grey Havens set, featuring Marilyn Monroe hologram, raining). 18: Heal The World (featuring Michael Jackson hologram, ship filled with elven children, ship starts flying and goes to Peter Pan’s Neverland). Segment 6: Housewife theme. 19: If U Seek Amy (Britney is a housewife and holds a garden party/children’s birthday party, ends with fireworks by nightfall).
  2. Because there was no real competition . The U.S. music scene is pretty much dead as is the European. South Korea only has the hype now. Justin has faded so has Taylor, Gaga, Ariana and Billie either cuz they release basics or release nothing at all. There’s no sensational vibe anywhere, it’s bland and boring and effortless beneath the mostly mediocre styling and effects.
  3. I’d rather be financially secured than being homeless and loved. You can always buy fake friendships but love without money is not a life. With money ppl can at least pretend to love you. Love is selfish after all except for love for children I guess. Basically you should start by learning to love yourself then love will come to you automatically if not more easily. I’d rather have that journey with billions to indulge in, in the process . Money equals freedom and possibilities. Love is an emotional state you can’t control any way. I’d rather be single Paris Hilton than a person relying financially on others who care for you. If all goes wrong and I get a depression from lacking love I can pay a doctor to prescribe dopamine, norepinephrine, oxytocin and adrenaline injections and I’ll be fine . Jk. In this world money for your own spending rules over love for others. That’s just how it is. Third world countries don’t survive on love, they survive on ppl with money giving them some love and help but the foundation is always money. Fact.
  4. The man is a drugged up wreck and should not be associated with/promoted by a children's franchise . Unbelievable. Get Jojo Siwa or virtual Strawberry Shortcake instead, immediately .
  5. Word play eh ... Has she made a song with Bow Wow yet tho . Cuz DaBaby should just bow down to this well paid Nickelodeon rainbow 🌈 fairytale and go back to his slum dog sewer . #i’minnocent
  6. The man has very low scores on intelligence, empathy and social awareness. He is simply too stupid to get what’s wrong with his own statement .
  7. If anything Dinon is a bully herself for calling him names like that. What kind of 8th grade evil immaturity is this anyway ? She needs to take a media response class immediately and be more political correct/polite for her to be able to make adult conversation and impression .
  8. Album side A: Sombre 1: La Vie Ne Ment Pas (Ali remix) 2: After Dark (Mr Kitty) 3: Formidable (Stromae) 4: Once Upon A Dream (Lana Del Rey) 5: Heaven (Emili Sande) 6: Wasting My Young Years (London Grammar) 7: Everybody Knows (Sigrid) 8: In My Mind (Dynoro & Gigi D'Agostino) 9: Lux Aeterna (Clint Mansell) 10: Dernière Danse (Indila) 11: The Dragonborn Comes (Malukah) 12: Dance In The Dark (Lady Gaga) Album side B: Stronger 13: Heartless (The Weeknd) 14: Midnight Sky (Miley Cyrus) 15: Lolita (The Veronicas) 16: Rumors (Lindsay Lohan) 17: Witch Factory (Adrian Von Ziegler) 18: Salvatore (Lana Del Rey) 19: World's Greatest (R Kelly) 20: Heal The World (Michael Jackson) 21: All Hands On Deck (Tinashe) 22: Baby (Madison Beer) 23: My Love (Justin Timberlake) 24: Me (Taylor Swift)
  9. This made me think of: 1990-2005: Britney is closely connected to her mom and her dad is not in the picture at all . 2006-2007: Britney is not really closely connected to either one of her parents. It's kind of like a rebellious teenage phase but with kids, marriage and divorce . 2008-2021: Britney is closely connected to her father because of the conservatorship . Seriously i prefer the 2006-2007 Brit over current hostage Brit/silenced Brit. It's clear as day her father extinguishes every spark of life in her eyes and soul and her mother produced the brilliant and inspiring life force that is prime and true Britney. It's absolutely crazy how the people closest to you can mold you to success or shreds . Her mother gave her confidence, happiness, independence and the entire world for her to explore, and her father broke her confidence, made her unhappy, dependent and replaced her freedom and the world with isolation and rules as if she was still an overprotected child.
  10. It is a sign of mental health if she was upset and i hope she was, cuz to be okay with that event would demonstrate an extremely poor work ethic . Cuz it was the ****tiest announcement event that i have ever witnessed and to think that the way it went down is excusable in any way is just delusional . She appeared, and walked away lol. I'm sure she didn't have a say in anything but to call the event fine or whatever is just stupid. If anybody else did that, wow they would be under fire . That event pissed on fans, the audience and the production behind it .
  11. Okay i dont want to pay for it tho . Btw sorry for using the word normal as normal ppl are not "normal" at all anyway, and i think all people struggle with something like cognitive distortions, delusion, negative emotional stuff etc. I think the word i was looking for was neurotypical, but lots of neurotypical ppl are bat**** crazy , at least under certain social circumstances. It's only, usually, when ppl seek help themselves (or commit a serious crime ofc) they get diagnosed with something. There are literally so many diagnoses that at least one would fit on all ppl if all spoke honestly and behaved without the persona in front of a psychiatrist like some covert narcissists and psychos do for instance. It's not about being neurotypical or neurodivergent that determines who you are; it is your personality and how you treat others and view yourself and make the most of your positives .
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