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  1. I think you underestimate how Britney has gained momentum with Gen Z over the past year or two. From multiple songs from her becoming relevant again through Tik Tok to all the conspiracy theories about Britney that went mainstream over the past couple of months. But if we forget Gen Z it still doesn't change the fact that Britney is a permanent A list celebrity and always will be. Hell, there's a movie being made about Madonna right now and she is even less relevant and known by Gen Z. You think that's going to stop the buzz? And I don't get what you mean by her case not being talked about in the mainstream. The last couple of months alone I've seen Britney plastered in the front cover of magazines talking about the case with her dad. It made news worldwide. From BBC in the UK to Germany etc etc. I just can't relate to what you're saying. Britney does have her small, dedicated, rabid fanbase. But besides that there is still a lot of interest from the GP. You think you show in Vegas was constantly sold out only by rabid fans? There are people who grew up with her who aren't necessarily part of the fanbase but still enjoy her music and would go out to see her. Or kill an hour and a half on Netflix by watching a documentary on her to check in and see how she's doing. When she did the PoM tour in Europe I remember that **** selling out in MINUTES. There is demand for Britney whether you see it or not.
  2. Not going to lie I am annoyed at this choice of collab. If "Britney" really wanted it then I guess I am fine with it. But I can't help to think this establishes her as more of a nostalgia act than someone who is hot in the game in 2020. What I wouldn't do for a Britney/Doja Cat collab. Or Britney/Dua. Or Britney/Miley. Or hell even a Britney/Harry Styles. RCA stop flopping, PLEASE.
  3. I can't wait for Billy B. to leak these 2 years from now because "Britney" told him to.
  4. I don't even know why any of these people bothered to register this song when Lindsay Lohan recorded the best track (dedicated to sh .itty fathers) of all time.
  5. Just to add to this, everyone loves to hear the dark side of Hollywood. And I can guarantee you a lot of blue check marked celebs would chime in and tweet about it as well. Netflix looks at (and cares about) all of this. I have said several times on here that if Britney wanted a development deal with Netflix she could easily get one. Would probably be the easiest 100 mill she's ever made.
  6. I disagree with you wholeheartedly. I believe Britney, when she is able and willing to talk, would be able to get a documentary on Netflix if she wishes to do so. David Chapelle wasn't even "big" for a long time until Netflix paid for his comedy special. One can even say Shawn Mendez isn't as popular as he was even at this point last year. They just paid for a retelling of the story of Selena. Monique was going to get a comedy special on there as well until she was low balled. If there is room and interest for a train wreck like Tiger King on Netflix then I am absolutely sure that people who have been hearing about the Free Britney movement for over a year would be more than curious to hear from Britney herself as to what has been going on with her. I think you're underestimating her level of stardom. The GP is definitely curious as to what is going on with her. At the very least, the gays (who Netflix panders to) would be more than here for it. And I am 100% sure it would be trending worldwide, which would benefit Netflix in the end.
  7. Yasssss I did make a Vedic astrology thread and I feel like the predictions came true. Slay me with that photographic memory, sis!
  8. Lmao I never did it! I've made a few enemies on here. Would rather not open myself up to a doxxing. Besides you guys wouldn't be able to handle my **** vocals.
  9. It was you sis unless Myah Marie struck again. Didn't know she could do accents that well tho. But we only have Work ***** to go on.
  10. Lmao. I never committed, boo. Someone else on here did a very good job though. Britney-Fan something something. I think they changed their username.
  11. Yass I live for his readings lol. Where's our resident Exhale psychic? We need another tarot reading answering our burning questions.
  12. Thank you so much for acknowledging my acknowledgment! And I would HOPE they do take note, SIS. Because we can't be advocating for someone's freedom while supporting a producer who refused to let Kesha out of her contract and allegedly...well...you know. He's working under a pseudonym now for a reason.
  13. Kevin tried to tell us he was into that Popo Zao. They secretly met when Kevin was on Celebrity Fit Club. It was love on the DL ever since... We STAN. Obviously a joke (before the some people get their knickers in a twist.)
  14. I would love Britney on Midnight Sky, Slide Away, and anything Miley has put out lately. ESPECIALLY on Mother's Daughter. That is definitely a Free Britney song. I wonder if Brit has seen Miley's ep of Black Mirror... I kind of feel like Miley knew what she was doing when she agreed to participate in that ep...
  15. Girl you went to a lot of effort to go out of your way for someone who you don't stan on some level. Her team should pay you for the free promo. I am sure many people on here could've gone to YouTube and looked it up for themselves if they were really that interested. So not sure why you're trying to do anyone any "favors." As for Circus and Femme Fatale: No. I do not stream them. And you can ask anyone on here who is familiar about how I feel about those albums. I've gotten into many an argument due to my stance on those autopilot albums. In the Zone + Blackout + Glory are where its at. And even Glory at this point I'm looking at kind of sideways because Lou's influence is still there with Justin T.
  16. To be honest I truly believe her team WAS trying to sabotage her with Britney Jean in particular. To be honest the last time Britney even made a public appearance (the announcement of her Domination tour) I was thinking to myself if I were here I'd be majorly depressed. The two songs they play as she shows up on stage are "Work *****" and "Till the World Ends." She has no vocals on WB and the part that they play of TTWE (See the sunlight we aint stopping) she's not even actually singing in. I feel as an artist that must make you feel creatively bankrupt. Furthermore, to me its not a coincidence that the opening song to piece of me for 5 years was a song (Which again, did not feature her vocals) that was basically mocking her entire situation. You want a hot body? You want a Bugatti? You want a Maserati? You better work ***** You want a Lamborghini? Sippin' martinis? Look hot in a bikini? You better work ***** You wanna live fancy? Live in a big mansion? Party in France? You better work *****, you better work ***** You better work *****, you better work ***** Now get to work *****! Now get to work *****! Its straight up mocking her. Saying that she wanted to be a celebrity so whether she wants to or not she is going to work. Its really the most sinister thing I can think of in her career. She clearly wanted no part of the album and they went and made it without her anyway. Then to add insult to injury, they grabbed an album they knew she had no input in, no vocals in, etc and forced her to go promote it as her "most personal album ever." So personal in fact that Myah is singing lead on a duet with BRITNEY'S SISTER. To humiliate her even further they went ahead and gave her writing credits on almost every track on an album that they KNEW was bad. To me, Britney's own team has been working against her for a long time. Which is why I am so happy that she finally found her inner strength and decided enough was enough. That is probably why I will not be supporting Juicy Couture or the rest of the milking of the Glory re-release. JC sounds like shallow pop trash anyway. But Britney is clearly not involved in any of these shady business dealings. She has let her stance known, and I think if it were up to her she wouldn't be releasing anything at the moment.
  17. Hmmmm...not clicking mostly because I don't want to support any artist that collabs with Dr. Flop and who is represented by Larry Ratchet. I'm glad you have someone to stan, though. Its hard to come by interesting people in the pop game these days.
  18. And I also hate to say it since we saw Britney record SMS Bangerz in the studio, but to me it doesn't sound like her at all in that track. What a waste of a collab imo...
  19. No matter how hard they try to **** her legacy they will never be able to completely tarnish it. Britney was part of people's childhood and her influence carries over today whether people want to admit it or not. Half of the celebs in Hollywood are Stans. Once Britney has more control over her career, assuming she's still interested in it, it would be interesting to see what directions she decides to take it. But I feel like if she wanted to she could have the best writers and producers in the biz.
  20. No offense but how do you know that came from her lawyers? Seems like a stretch unless you have proof. Are you going on a hunch?
  21. I feel like Miley would collaborate with Britney in a heartbeat. Hell, you even had Billie Eilish's brother wanting to meet Britney for lunch and talk about life/possible work together on something. I hope Britney is aware of this on some level. There are people at the top of the charts right now that would love to work with her.
  22. All of the people that they have forced a collaboration with, other than Rihanna for S&M remix (Which should not have been recorded if Britney actually had a cold or whatever in that period of time. Always a rushed production smh.) have been ******* terrible. The only thing I can think of that Britney has been involved with that was actually sweet and well-intentioned was "Hands" for the tribute to the victims of the Pulse nightclub shooting. Iggy & G-Eazy? I mean I guess not horrible but she collabed with both when they were well past by their expiration date. Tinashe? We stan a Stan. I ain't mad but it would not have been my first choice. Sabi? T.I.'s phoned in rap that didn't even blend with the rest of Tik Tik Boom and included lines such as "Beat her beat her somebody call PETA?" A complete and utter MESS. WHO is Kim Petras? I have never heard a single song. And I love the priorities here. Instead of deteriorating brand should the focus not be on her allegedly deteriorating "dementia"/alzheimers condition? I guess its more important to push someone on stage every night and force them to record, be constantly put in high-pressure and stressful situations than actually let someone heal and be happy and relaxed and doing what they want. Its really awful. The only reason BRITNEY has to work as "hard" as they insist is because she's being forced to fund a conservatorship. If the conservatorship wasn't in place she'd be able to retire and live off her earnings for the rest of her life. Even her grandkids would be taken care of. Greedy ****s, the lot of them.
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