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  1. I kind of hope this doesn't get reported in the media. I don't feel like Brit would want this out there whether she consents to it or not. Also concerned "she" hasn't posted in a week.
  2. Its bad because it is really strange power dynamics. Britney is already seen as a child in the eyes of the law. He also treats her as such, scolding her sometimes. He's been caught on IG letting his mask slip. All of those things you mentioned: cooking together, working out. Those are things people do together in a relationship. No one should be getting compensated for that. I do believe that possibly a lot of that 100k is redirected into date nights, and time spent together as a couple. As according to Maxi, "Sam pays for everything" and Britney is probably accustomed to all the finer things in life. I guess its really no place for any of us to judge, but (to me) it just feels skeevy. Like she's really living in the Truman Show. I hope its clarified whether or not she knows what's up in this dynamic.
  3. Not Britney paying child support for her oldest child. He's over 18! Honey, after 12 years of solitary confinement a monthly fee for the d.i.c.k. might have been worth it in the end. We can't judge ha. The real test would be if he even bothered in having an interest in her if he was cut off financially tomorrow. Let's hope there are genuine feelings involved both ways. But if this is the case I am glad they haven't gotten married and she hasn't reproduced with him...
  4. Was avoiding posting because I have been sick as **** this week and quite frankly don't have the energy to participate in discussions but omg... If this is true... On the one hand...Britney always loves to spoil her men. We know this. She's just a generous person. And I can't help but wonder if we'd be criticizing this situation if the gender roles were reversed. But the issue here is whether or not she knows about this. There are several matters of concern here. Sam's monthly earnings are almost 10x more than Britney's if this is true. On top of this, it makes Maxi look ******* RIDICULOUS. "Sam pays for everything. He's such a gentleman. He won't let her pay." Lmao. Its her own ******* money! I hope he's saving because that acting career is never going to happen unless he manages to get cast in that unfortunate Zoey 101 reboot. This always happens with female celebrities, though. They often have to buy their own rings because the men can't afford it. Just a really sad situation over all. I wish I could be a genuine friend to Britney. Everyone always has some sort of agenda or self-motivated interest. If they are not promoting themselves via their 5 minute friendship with her in 2010, they are milking her for all she's worth financially, spiritually, etc. Britney deserves better. But would she be able to build healthy and positive friendships/relationships with anyone at this point?
  5. Is Britney Spears a reincarnation of Marilyn Monroe? Will Lou ever be exposed and pay for her crimes? Does Jamie Lynn have any good intentions left towards her sister? Will Britney get her $600 million back? Will we get a Crossroads 2: Cross Harder?
  6. Will she ever re-record Britney Jean with her own vocals or address this controversy publicly?
  7. But I thought he was only opening his mouth to the only place that mattered: a court of law? He sure is milking his "communication" with "Britney" to the last possible drop. Can't wait until his charade gets exposed.
  8. This 💩 is wack. And so is she. I regret giving it a stream but maybe Britney will have 3 extra cents to pay her new attorneys to GET Jamie Lynn's hillbilly *** OUT OF SJB Trust. #ARRESTJAMIELYNN
  9. She probably read "Jamie Lynn is coming over party". But still hilarious. We Stan.
  10. I don't know, to be honest. But they're all guilty of human rights violation. Britney is an almost 40 year old toddlers in tiaras cast member. Its really sick. I would be LIVID if my entire family had a say in how I spent my money and what to do with my bank accounts.
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