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  1. Thanks for the support! You mean the 2009 era? If yes, I did already 3:
  2. Yeah the upscales are really far better on TVs (by using the TV YouTube app) than computers or phones, I actually have no idea of how and why it’s better but TVs offers a crisper experience for the upscales from what I know and saw.
  3. Yeah but BTMYH and ILRNR have a professional music video which is still known on countries where it wasn’t a single. But Anticipating is literally a live performance cut to fit the album track, maybe they forgot the video or don’t want to upload it or maybe they simply don’t have the masters I think Overprotected Darkchild will be uploaded on YT someday, but when? I really don’t know tbh.
  4. Yeah I think it’s more about issues of posting Overprotected Darkchild than forgetting the video lol, however TWYTM and Anticipating are indeed like ignored because they weren’t international singles and not so important.
  5. The Rain scene is actually in higher quality compared to the DVD version, I don’t think you will be upset about that part. It’s just that the quality won’t be at the same level as my Rock’n’Roll, Oops or BOMT videos due to poor quality of the DVD version... Overprotected Darkchild Version is known to be the one of the worst quality video of her, everyone who try to upscale it don’t have enough good quality...
  6. Not only, the acne is more noticeable, the floor details are more noticeable too. On what device are you watching the video? Because it’s true it’s not a "Remaster" but it’s "Restored" as said on the title of the video/topic, when it’s restored, there are fixes applied like anti ghosting, fixing frames, and a 4K upscale of a TV or bad DVD rips which are not normally good for 4K upscales, that’s why you will not be blown minded with this one as it’s just an AI restore of the SD one. However "4K remastered" are ripped from ProRes Masters or HQ DVD videos which provides much more noticeable differences with the SD ones like those:
  7. Yes I will edit the live performance of DWAD for Anticipating to be like the official music video broadcasted in France and other countries. Overprotected Darkchild might be in 1440p only because there’s no good source of it, only Composite Masters which are awful (the DVD version is also a Composite Master).
  8. Don’t tell me you don’t see the difference, we can even see more pimples on Britney’s face on the 4K upscale
  9. Thanks! For TWYTM, I will remake the whole music videos from the HQ behind the scenes of DWAD (they are the same clips usued on the official video), so as they are available in 720p, I can upscale it in 4K and edit everything so I can master it with high quality settings to have now TWYTM in the highest quality possible!!
  10. Joking lol Blackout 1. Gimme More: 10 2. Piece Of Me: 9 3. Radar: 10 4. Break The Ice: 8 5. Heaven On Earth: 6 6. GNIGAP: 3 7. Freak Show: 6 8. Toy Soldier: 5 9. Hot As Ice: 5 10. Ooh Ooh Baby: 8.5 (If U Seek Amy + Womanizer + Radar Beta Version ) 11. Perfect Lover: 6 12. Why Should I Be Sad: 10 (THE best song of Britney ) 13. Everybody: 8 14. Get Back: 10 (Should have a music videeooooooooo ) Total: 74% Just edited the post with the complete list, @Blackout2006 what do you think of my ranking of songs?
  11. I don’t know to be honnest, always wondered if The Taste Of Victory were first or if The Joy Of Pepsi was...
  12. Hi Just wanted to share with you the Joy Of Pepsi (Official Commercial) restored in 4K, the next videos are Anticipating (4K Remastered), We Will Rock You (ft. Beyoncé and Pink - 4K Remastered), Overprotected Darkchild Remix (QHD Restored). Hope you will enjoy this one!
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