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  1. I like your choices as you explained why, thank you so much for playing!! Just, the J) Image 1 is also Britney, it’s a photoshoot of her in 2007 (in case you don’t know because you said that’s the only pic of britney)
  2. OMG!!!!!! YOU KILLED ME WITH MAKE ME MUSIC VIDEOS Well, you passed successfully the test: you choosed VMA 2007. Well done. My choices: A) Sometimes ofc. "Make Trash" is not even a music video like u said. Sometimes is iconic!!!!! B) Gimme More, that brunette Britney is C) Image 1, that pink wig is everything D) Image 2, that interview was fun, Britney was shady towards the interviewer omg, also that iconic "I love Pepsi’s Pepsi" lol E) POM ofc F) Thank you, Neyde is superior, yes even superior than Gaga G) I know lol that trash mv can’t be compared to BOMT, it’s to see who is a real fan of Britney and cancel the one who choose that trash H) Image 1, Gimme More, RADAR, Piece Of Me, Get Back, omg I) U know lol, the VMA 2007 is FAAAAAAR better than that trash 2016 thing J) Yeah image 1 she is so gorgeous and beautiful
  3. Yeah I understand completly, the words are always evolving. But yeah what I meant on my reply, was that if we see the real meaning of the word "fan", that doesn’t fits me. I’m not a real fan of Britney, just someone who really appreciates and like her songs, creativity, and how she is sweet, because I’m realizing that I’m not a fanatic, I don’t agree with many facts on her actions/songs/music videos so yeah, I’m just someone who appreciates her.
  4. Ok so I’m not fan but a casual listener then as I don’t like Glory and this era with its awful music videos. Well to be honnest, there are many things that I don’t mike and don’t consider that Britney did it, so we can consider me as someone who appreciates Britney and her creations, right? I think I’m more someone who appreciates Britney and her creations than a fan of her.
  5. Just that sentence was sufficient to make me react with "😂" omg
  6. Omg how I’m accurate with everyone?? I’m shocked because when it’s a question about guessing something, I’m always a
  7. @Towelney = Because he love everything/everyone, impossible to hate, is respectful and friendly! And also: @Towelney = CEO of Cancellations.
  8. OMG!!!! I never seen that emote, we should add it!!! IT’S MY PREFERRED EMOTE SINCE IT’S ME!!!! @Jordan Miller PLEASE ADD IT Thank you so much!
  9. @Blackout2006 = The first emote I think when I hear blackout2006, is this one. Always when people start to fight with him for an unpopular opinion, he is like that: "Yeah gurl, mhm, you don’t have right, LOL! Gurl, bye! "
  10. OMG I SAID YOU SHE WILL READ IT!!!!!! Can you screenshot it if you want ofc? Britney is so sweet!!
  11. She is ICONIC as Brunette, it’s a classic. Her natural hair color like on BOMT suits her better. Idk, but Britney looks very different than Blonde Britney: She looks awesome (and not Britney at the same time) here: On Gimme More:
  12. Idk when but I saw somewhere that she saw DMs and/or answered some but I’m not sure... With the amount of DMs she has, it will be difficult to read all DMs.
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