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  1. Idk about the rehab part but there have been rumors of Britney's adderall and vyvanse use/abuse in the past. Back in 2006/2007 was the first time I heard about her using adderall to keep herself going. There were lots of rumors about her being on hard drugs around that time, but I'd be more inclined to believe it was a prescription drug. It's not uncommon for people who are prescribed a medication to land themselves in a situation where they realize they're abusing it. Wouldn't be shocked if she took adderall long before that time period though, like during the Britney/ITZ eras. Vyvanse is a whole nother thing though. Like @Brit52 said, you could easily be up for 24 hours on it, and the timeline for 2014 fits with the time when this medication became more widely used. All speculation, and I mean no harm by it. But it's all too easy for celebrities to access prescription or street drugs and sadly they're often surrounded by team members who help them get these things at a young age and throughout their career so they can keep the show going. Think Demi, Judy, and so forth.
  2. Dead at the Billy B comment I don't think I'd want to chat randomly on there outside of a Breathe Heavy group, so I figured I'd mimic my name from the forum. If there are people on clubhouse who don't get the username reference then they are not our people Enjoy
  3. Thought the same when I saw it on IG. Definitely looks like Britney's house. He moved the pic to highlights now and keeps doing all these magic wand emojis on his posts and in comments. What does this mean?
  4. OMG yes can we please do this? I don't have an invite but it let me create a name while I wait for an invite (@shatteredglass) I'd love to chat Britney or whatever else with all of you. This social distancing is getting the best of me and this forum is my distraction for sure.
  5. Britney's vacation photos are always my favorite photos to see. She always looks so happy and relaxed.
  6. Anyone noticing a trend with magic wands? SP commented them here and titled his IG highlights with wands. And Britney is waving one in her newest dancing IG post.
  7. It felt like trolling, for sure. I'll give you that. Like we know there's no new Britney music. I just didn't like how sneaky it all felt. BH is getting plenty of traffic already, so why push it? This would have been super fun if there was transparency from the beginning.
  8. THIS all day. The thread went on for hours and hours with no comment from Jordan. All the BH headlines and YT videos are so click baity lately. I don't want to see the same thing happen in the forum. I understand clicks and views equal ad revenue and that's what keeps BH alive, but this was just mean.
  9. Not me scrolling through eight pages to find out Jordan hasn't replied
  10. Tabby has seen some **** .. working on a tell-all (allegedly) But yeah, Amber has a handful of posts with Brian, Lexi, and Lynne lately
  11. They are still dating. I follow her on IG in case she does another sneaky video of the Spears family talking about Brit. She posted him on her story about a week ago. And she started an IG account for the dog they bought for Lexi. OMG I need to get out more
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