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  1. Hahahaha! The overlord! Can you imagine how insecure some people are, using a forum to apply power. LOL. It's not even pu**yfica.tion, it's the fact that me personally, I wasn't being polite and not insulting, just disagreed with their view on Covid-19, I literally shared data from CDC and the W.H.O and the overlords blocked me! LOL. But they are fighting for Britney's freedom, while silencing our voices. They are pro LGBTQ while censoring other opinions. This forum is toxic. And ever since I spoke up so many people are coming forward. Its a hateful place. And I have been following for 15 years. Goes to show how much they appreciate their people.
  2. And also you have to agree with @Jordan Miller and his team of robots. Its a disgrace they speak about freedom and pride, and LGBTQ community, but they endorse hate. People telling you to burn in hell and Jordan is cool with that because it suits his narrative. I don't take s**t like that. Putting people down, and censoring them. Not unless you are being violent or disrespectful. A different opinion is not disrespect. This forum most of the time is a its own worst enemy and puts the gay community in such a bad light. And I am going public with all the messages people have been sending me telling me how toxic this forum is, but they were afraid to speak up. It is a toxic environment. Protesting for FreeBritney while they they silence our voices. I am not one to lay low when you attack me. Going to share all these messages from members who asked me too.
  3. Just Jordan Miller. I mean, why follow anyone else. Jordan is so inspiring and motivational. He will change the world with his channel. I love how he supports free speech. And I love how he rolls up his sleeves, no matter how ridiculous it looks, to make sure everyone notices his biceps. So inspiring and not insecure or thirsty at all!!!!
  4. Totally agree, I can't get on board with this TicTok. Famous for acting ridiculous. Remember when you actually had to sing and dance! LOL. LOL. Apparently it's important news for Jordan #Thirsty
  5. I love how you speak your mind, and keep doing so. That's amazing. Even thowing some swear words in there. While @Jordan Miller banned me for sharing true facts on Covid-19. I am about to expose this forum and Jordan 100%. My inbox on Facebook and Instagram is full of complaints members have, and don't express out of fear! Yes! Ive been following this "website" for 15 years. They are afraid to express their opinions. Nice space you all created here. The member gave me permission to post all there stories of hate and bullying they received from this site, and I will with respect to anonymity. You all speak of FreeBritney while you silence our voice. This forum doesnt represent the LGBTQ community this forum is a disgrace to it. Jordan wants us to submit to his dictatorship. Its a forum. Free opinons. Some people need to form some. Sorry for going off on your post. Sending love.
  6. I don't know 2.400.000 people who died from Corona. I know 2.400.000 who died from respiratory issues related to a flu. And that's nothing new. Nor are deaths higher than other years, in fact they are lower than some past years. 99.7% recovery rate is not a pandemic. Masks don't protect you, vaccines are killing people and testing os 50% inaccurate. And average death age rate is 82 and over. You don't shut down the world to protect the elderly LOL. My grandma is 92 and wants people to go back to work. There is no deadly virus. Yeah, a virus that doesn't attack you at Walmart 😂 Only in small businesses 😂 It also doesn't go to supermarkets. Continue getting your information from the media. They care about you, like they cared about Britney 😉 They NEVER lie!!!! 🤣
  7. Sorry for your loss. I am dismissing the pandemic. 100%. People die from respiratory complications every year. Millions. No one died from Covid-19. No one catches Covid-19 and dies. I had "Covid-19" like 99.7% of the world, recovered. And the point 0.03% that passed away had an average age of 82 and over with serious pre-existing conditions. And no, it doesn't mean they should die, but you don't shut down the world and declare a pandemic to save the elderly LOL. My grandma wants everyone to go back to work.
  8. This isn't even news. Big deal. Another opportunity for people to moan about something. Yes, it is essential. Travel, like art, music and dance is essential for the soul, mental health and well being. Funny how just about anyone is deciding what's essential and what's not. The post could have just been "Bieber travels to paris for Birthday, happy birthday Justin" but no, let's stir the pot ☺
  9. This is ridiculous. Sorry. Absolute garbage. Are you kidding me? What is wrong with a little tradition. As someone who is open minded to exploring my ***uality, I find this stupid. I grew up with Mr and Mrs potato Head, and that's how they should be remembered. Did they ask Mr and Mrs Potato Head if they don't want to be pronounced as Mr and Mrs? WTF! If anything I believe this harms and does damage to the LGBTQ community. It does not show diversity. Why should someone feel the need to conform to something just to make other people feel welcome? Isn't that what diverse groups say? Don't change us, just accept us? So why can't we accept Mr and Mrs Potato Head? Utter garbage. I'm going to tweet them and hashtag #boycott Hasbro. This isn't equality anymore. Soon it's going to be racist to be str8 LOL!!!!
  10. I don't want to make it a conversation of who deserved it. They both do. Christina yes, showed a string vocal ability upon her arrival, even though, her voice is NOT my thing (too loud, shouting, and vocal acrobatics from start to end). BUT I still believe Britney 1000% should have got that Grammy, because of her impact which was from the start, she was the pop girl arrival. Her performance ability which is much better than Christina's, and also people wanted and gravitate to Britney more. She has more star quality. By the way, say "Baby One More Time" is just a catchy pop song. So what is "Genie In A Bottle?" The second coming of Jesus? Peace!
  11. Sky Fits Heaven is possibly y favorite too. Very eclectic sound, I dont think its for everyone. It has beautiful melodies, all these sounds and elements mixing together. A gem. And Power Of Goodbye comes in second or third...the whole album is a pop masterpiece. Madonna really went somewhere with william orbit for this album. Love it.
  12. She definitely feels connected to the character to some extent. You can see the passion and fire behind her words. But I think it's more general for her. She feels restrained by her handlers, father, manager, ex-husbands etc. And Brit not getting credit for a lot of things or not being heard. But I don't believe she feels this way about Sam. Just my intuition
  13. I am so proud that you are a teacher too!!!!! This makes me happy. Common sense, simple common sense. The worse thing is that people automatically label me a Trump supporter which I literally make fun o Trump on my social media everyday! LOL. It shows exactly where we are as a society, free thinking is dead, we don't embrace opinions, we aren't open to facts and discussions, and the dangerous and sad thing, is that it is most of these blogs and "influencers" promoting this narrative, which is ironic because they are always like "hey be original, think outside of the box" oh really? Where is that now? LOL. We would have all been dead by now if there was a deadly virus, as if anyone stayed 2M away from anyone and used a mask with proper hygiene. They will regret it, and it will be too late. We will be shouting #FreeHumanity not just Britney in a few years. Ya'll wait and see. Sending love and continue being who you are. Your students are lucky they aren't being taught fear!
  14. I love you for this! YES! Speak your truth, without worrying about this stupid cancel culture we live in. I had Covid-19, and so did almost all my friends. I went through it as a cold, flu. I have researched this to crazy extents. The media is completely lying, as are the health officials. How is it that 99.7% of the world is recovering without a vaccine? It really shocks me how naïve people are, its actually scary. Do people actually turn on their TV and take the info as truth? LOL! Why is it that the average death age is 82 and over all around the world? Because dying of pneumonia and respiratory issues is nothing new. Should they die because they are old? Of course not. Do we shut down a whole world to save the elderly! Of course not! LOL. Masks don't work, the world health organization said this many times, social distancing is bull****, Walmart is freaking packed with people while we **** down all the small businesses that actually could have measures in place if needed. How do people not see this? It drives me mad. The PCR tests and Antigen tests, are 50% inaccurate, so you might be a false positive. These tests were not created to pick up on a virus. We are living an experiment. And a vaccine in 6 months? While it takes 10 years to come up with a vaccine? People, please. This whole thing is a lie and its set up. I only speak with facts, not conspiracy theories here. I don't believe in the pandemic, hehe. No one died from catching "covid-19" but from respiratory issues, from a flu. That's not new. And we have thousands of viruses in our bodies. People need to educate themselves and get off of google and youtube. If we didn't announce cases everyday, and didnt wear masks, would we think anything is wrong? ;) NO. Enough said. Keep speaking your mind. And stay true to you!!!!!
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