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  1. LGBTIQA+ that's what was happening in social media Lesbian Gay Bisexual Trans Interse... X Queer Asexual + I guess we still live in the stone age. 😒😒🤐🤐🙌🙌
  2. I think this generation is uncomfortable with the huge age gaps. But I grew up where gay men said, the older the top is, the better the experience is in bed. Some just want that seasoned lover that you don't get from someone closer to your age.
  3. Camila has everything going for her, but that Tumblr discovery really cancelled her, even though everybody tried to delete the page. The one who let it out said, I'm playing chess, and I downloaded everything, they can try to delete it. But, it confirmed what we all knew. I really think the Cinderella film is going to flop, just because of her. The other cast is well liked, but it will flop, to send a message you should have hired another girl.
  4. But Mariah has actual Christmas albums and her over the top attitude and cheese factor is why she's the queen of Christmas. I don't see that for Britney, hell I don't see the love for Christmas like Mariah from any other celebrity. Most do Christmas albums when they aren't selling, or pregnant and actual sees this as a way to do lite promotion. Remember Kelly Clarkson released a Christmas album when she was pregnant and the promotion was when she was very heavily into the pregnancy Meghan Trainor same thing. I can't see Britney. The only reason this happened is well it was really Jive Records taking advantage of the teen pop movement at the time. The tracklist reads a who's who of what's was hot in the boombox of teens, so of course Britney was gonna be included. But she Never really pushed the song until a few years ago. I think she likes it has this cult status. I really don't think she wants to be like Mimi and be like. Oh hi, it's Christmas time every year. She's not that girl. . everybody knows, that's Mariah's season and the Spotify stats are showing. Mariah season started. She's climbing up to the top 100 fast and it's not halloween. It's already known that song is appearing on Spotify charts.
  5. https://www.instagram.com/p/CG5UOxspSeA/?igshid=a3muds8smsyu Wal Mart has an exclusive Vinyl 2LP set of Icon by No Doubt. However, The No doubt icon album tracklisting is the Same as The original 2002 Greatest hits set "The Singles". They just changed the artwork and overall design to match the 2009 Reunion of the Group (The cover art is the artwork that was used for their cover of Adam and the Ants Stand and Deliver, Obviously I never knew they had more songs than Goody Two shoes, but then again they were more huge in the Ska community of this group's upbringing), but overall the icon became a budget release. Most labels changed catalog numbers and such. But the Crystal clear 140G Vinyl is exclusive to Wal Mart, no telling if a 180G Vinyl exists.
  6. He wants to get back with Britney, why the hell did he settle for D Lister Mary Camden then??? For, someone to know a lot. Are you family to a Justin????
  7. Are the skulls Barney. That was my fav internet game, beat the purple dinosaur 🦕 up, holding my little brother in arms for annoying me with that damn Dino. He ain't no Elmo or big bird
  8. Wait, you got kicked out of the cool kids crew, so u wannabe in the back of the bus, instead of the front. Girls, In order to prove he's not lying. Bus driver turn in Bluetooth. We gotta see this fool ain't Vanilla anymore with his eardrums. Full blast bass on. First song is shake it off. Bish, lied. To the front don't come back
  9. Michaelangelo would be so proud of that pooch. Ninja paw the damn dude
  10. Dua Lipa and Sir Elton John, have a nice chat. While praising the Blessed Madonna remix of Levitating. I'm sure it's a mistake, But he begins to Call Madonna, Lady Gaga.. My reaction to this big mishap. Is in this Golden girls clip.
  11. Around November, 2018. A massive article came into the New York Times anoymous. It was so controversial, Trump feared his family safety was at risk, Two years later right about the biggest election date ever. The hot cutie revealed himself, and he actually played a big part in the adminstration, Miles Taylor was the the Head of homeland security when he released the article anoymous.. God, I love the good Lord revealing the tea. His administration is extremely pissed that somebody close to him, actually did this. Trump claimed I don't know her. Miles, however. Basically said, but I Know you and have proof. I can't wait to read his book. @Jordan Miller
  12. Britney didn't set a billboard 200 Record, by the time they made this video Adele broke the only billboard 200 Record she had left.
  13. Plus by the end of the 00s, her legacy was cemented. It's not being taken away. Is she unpopular with people who didn't grow up with her, who's first Memories is the TMZ tabloid eras. But they are people as well that liked her as a kid, but when they became an adult. They couldn't relate to her. So they went to an artist that basically thought the same philosophical views of life
  14. Melanie C actually uploaded hers. Even if it was live, all can take a note from Melanie C and actually upload a week or two after it happened.
  15. Khloe reveals in a preview of an upcoming episode of the final season of keeping up the Kardashians, she contacted Covid-19. I guarantee she's and her family will get dragged, even if the pandemic is real. We know this family does stuff like this for ratings and to stay relevant. But, I can't blame the dragging to happen, this Time. Now's not the Time to use This of all things to advertise your show. "There's people dying, Kim and you're worried about diamond rings" I can't wait to see Kourtney shade Khloe for filming the whole ordeal for the show.
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