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  1. Madonna the performer was born in the mid 70s, thx to her dance teacher who was more of a father to her Christooer Flynn, who took her to the gay clubs as a junior in high school, This was where she met people like her, The misunderstood , The misfits and the freaks (back then gays didn't want to be seen or associate with straight men, unlike today) So it goes back then, plus her days of fronting the Very punk rock bands The Breakfast club and Emmy, she basically established herself in the indie rock circuit before transitioning to dance music.
  2. Billboard as of today announces no more merch bundles or concert ticket bundles.. Billboard states that the reason behind this is due to artists like Lady gaga, Ariana grande and 6ix9ine took advantage of this, By offering a physical product like a vinyl record, CD or cassette with a digital download sent automatically, But the physical product is 6 to 8 weeks from shipping and being in the hands of the consumers, Billboard calls this an unfair advantage and therefore will no longer allow this to chart cos as we see all these artists ended up having sharp drops from the #1 spot on the hot 100. And as for the concert bundle again due to it giving a huge inflation as we saw with Madame X and Celine Dion. Without this strategy it wouldn't have debuted at #1. Music fans are calling this out as Many believe it's only a matter of time til billboard stops counting pure sales on any charts, thus becoming a streaming only eligible to chart only. @Jordan Miller @Roxxy
  3. Due to Ireland being in a non stop rain, for all day and all night long Ireland has banned rain on me on all radio stations until the weather clears up. This reminds of the infamous curse in the UK when Rihanna was #1 for 10 weeks it rained non stop, when it got knocked off the top spot, it stopped raining for good that summer.
  4. No, I read his biography by a person who knew him, He never cared for her.
  5. To ask them not to play her music, that's gonna be hard since she's a majority #1 fav.
  6. Another factor, Billboard thought Cyndi lauper was going to have the career like Madonna has. They thought people would get tired of Madonna fast. Madonna was the Britney of her generation, Cyndi was the xtina, better voice, But each album less and less impact. Cyndi and Cher both admitted. The difference between them and Madonna was her drive and ambition. Once the thing started rolling she wasn't going to stop until she was at the top. People may call her irrelevant or whatever. But it's hard to maintain longevity in pop music. Even Billboard said when Madonna turned 60, Before Madonna, pop stars were given a ten year shelf life then automatically has been territory. Madonna will be the first star of her wea to see 40 years in the industry since everybody else has died, or just do mixtape and 80s festivals.
  7. The track peaked at #23 in the US based off of radio airplay alone, had Jive issued a single this would have been top five in the US. But hey it became her second diamond album due to this strategy.
  8. Dannii Minogue (Kylie's little sister) more gays do prefer her over kylie cos she's more naughty and trashy (she posed for nude for the best selling Australian playboy edition in 95) complete opposite of the girl next door which is Kylie. Sadly she quit music cos she was always reminded that she was never successful or near the success of her older sister. It did get the best of her. Despite being the most successful club act in the UK with 29 #1's before the chart was discontinued in 2009.
  9. Well, it's no secret he hated Madonna. Several reasons why. Her open views on the joy Of intercourse was against what a lady should be (prudish like his mom). When she was dubbed artist of the decade by Billboard, IFPI and etc.. He forced MTV to name an award agter him why the video vanguard award changed to Michael Jackson Video vanguard award, Hint why Madonna went. "I never asked you to name an award after Me, Michael who". Though ironically Madonna was the first artist to recieve the Video vanguard awrd in 1986. 2 years before Michael Jackson.
  10. And Ironically This is her biggest hit in the US, #4 on the billboard hot 100. And a massive #1 radio hit. I heard she also regrets now writing npt the doctor calling the song very sexist in today's times.
  11. I Love this album, Thank god Ryan Reynolds broke her heart, If only TS ans Adele did this kinda cathartic in theur music.
  12. Beginning on October 2,2020 Forced Albums + Tickets are no longer invalid to chart. Opt albums, Meaning does the fan want the desired album are the only way to count.
  13. To be fair, the reason why she wasn't as huge after jagged, was she alienated a big portion of her audience, But she wasn't this angry chick, plus like she said in 1997, The Spice girls and backstreet boys came and gone was grunge and rock music and Bubblegum pop and teen pop took over, of course I was going to the one that undersold, I'm way to artistic for that market, anybody can write a teen pop song, but an alanis Morissette song is only I can do, And me feeling calm amd serene didn't help it. But I was signed To Maverick, She was told that they didn't expect her to sell more than 200,000 copies of jagged little pill, she was told unless you're Madonna (head of Maverick) , you don't sell. The success of jlp took everybody even Madonna by surprise.
  14. Word around town is Britney's dad did probably one of the worst moves ever, even if Britney gets out of the conservatorship, he will still be making bank. Rumor has it, He bought her masters and actually bought future copyrights to all her music, thus Freedom comes at a price. She won't be making any profit from streams, paid downloads and such. Jamie made sure to do some secret moves so his daughter will still make money for him, Buying the masters and copyrights to her likeness sure did the trick. @Jordan Miller @C0CKy @Roxxy So anytime you stream, purchase music or anything of her likeness off her website it goes directly to him, not her. This is permanent
  15. The problem is her Management and team are forcing her into being a hip hop/ R&B artist instead of what she wants to be a pop star. Her team is playing her own skin color against her.
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