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  1. Mountain dew any flavor, even the watermelon is addicting. I only do one soda a day. But, when my friend comes over here in a couple of weeks. It's going to be one or two a day. He's very lucky, to still stay at 132 pounds. The same weight he was when I met him in 97, when I was 13 and he was 14.. he's now 38. What's his little secret. He doesn't work out, but his metabolism is extremely high.
  2. In a rare 80s concert Selena Y Los Dinos performed a cover of Michael Jackson's 1982 iconic hit "Billie Jean". On a side note, we can see why Janet really dropped the Jackson surname, to begin being just known simply as janet. ..which begin in 1993 with the janet,. Album. I would too if I was just known as the sister of Michael Jackson, as Selena put it as.
  3. Madonna was a victim of aexual assualt, that's when her weakness aka Her vulnerability and trusting went away. She knew if she was going to survive nest york city which was different in the 70s and the 80s. She would have to be a bish, and not get taken advantage of. She won't do oral cos of the assualt. Calling it her most humiliating moment as a female just because some guy forced her to choke
  4. Raven a has been, you do know Raven's home is literally the highest rated show on Disney channel right now and that's so raven is one of the most streamed shows on Disney+
  5. Anybody complaining about tickets prices. Madonna already explained it. She has to pay rent, plus her live nation contract actually gave her 88.92% profit of each ticket sold, even Jay z never got that percentage rate.
  6. If anything, she makes music for the stage, some felt.. Madame X was more presented better on stage than the audio, as she is better at being a visual artist.. Even Martin solveig said, when she recording MDNA, she was already planning the stage show, at the same time while recording..
  7. They say they don't like being attention seeking queens, messy or petty. But the lie detector says, that's a lie
  8. I wanna know the fascination of gay men and DL married men.. Do you have a sense of pride??? Feel proud breaking up a marriage???
  9. I can't wait for the scene where she tells her dad, "Dad, I've been racy, and I don't care if you get uncomfortable with ***uality, I'm not changing my show, so fuvnk off" Plus the Toronto incident where they told her, she couldn't masterbate on stage, and she went by saying Holiday. celebration.
  10. If you think about it, she's probably doing this, cos when Rocco had his Instagram for a hot minute, every madonna fan followed him. He slowly realized nobody liked him cos of just being Rocco. This is probably to weed anybody that's just following her cos of the Madonna connection.
  11. When your mother is Madonna, what would you expect.. Especially considering unlike Rocco, her father severed all custodial rights sighting Madonna was financially more better to take care of her.
  12. Raven Symone, a former child star herself has defended Britney Spears. Watch the video above. Comparing her to other pop stars like Justin bieber and Demi Lovato (which Raven said had multiple chances and always constantly blew it with relapse after relapse). Britney just had a breakdown and had her freedom taken, and in some ways had the media turned her into a freak show like Michael Jackson, saying without this, she would be dead.. If anything Raven said, she's probably thinking what kind of life is worth living, if I can't do what I want.
  13. Watch out Brooklyn Beckham, a new Beckham is here to prove, your reign is almost over, his younger brother Romeo, which is a dead ringer of his Mama Victoria, the face is so Victoria with blond hair.. My friend Kevin basically said both Victoria and david had the best Gene's and the kids benefitted the same photogenic Gene's as mom and dad. Even Cruz is beginning to show the benefits of good looking parents pay off. Can't wait to see how Harper grows up to see if she's her mom's mini me. Congrats, Romeo. Side note Vogue is being called out for the boys will be boys tag line. Nobody is blaming Romeo at all.
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