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  1. What magic hill is he on? Capitol Hill? Marij***a hill? The Jack and Jill hill? Jonah Hill? And if we abolish the prison system, where do the prisoners go? The spa?
  2. I can’t believe I forgot these. Titanic. Imagine being able to slide down the deck as it sinks, like Trudy did. It‘d be fun to be in Poseidon, too.
  3. There’s so many, but maybe I’d like to be an extra in She’s the Man. That way I can seduce Channing Tatum. And Twilight, so I can get...um...familiar with Jacob and Edward. Also @Jordan Miller can you plz make this an emote:
  4. Yes to all three of them I hear a certain purple pony has her eyes on them, though. Will she be the one to bring out their wild side? We’ll have to see what happens next, because whatever does occur, we’ll be in for a ride. XOXO, Gossip Girl
  5. I guess I’m the only one who likes to watch the Kardashians?
  6. Coupure Electrique is her best outro imo
  7. This is completely unrelated to the topic, but what does Beyoncé use for her skin? She looks more youthful than me. @OnlyBeyonce @Deyonce you guys are part of the BeyHive, do you know?
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