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  1. Omg I downloaded a free Laura Pausini song from iTunes it’s been over a decade I heard that name. The minds power to remember is something else primaverantithipada
  2. Yes we very much need her back on here it’s over for you hoes when she returns
  3. I LOVE this topic and should be featured @JordanMiller these are some of my favorites from around the world La Cintura - Alvaro Soler- Spain Je ne parle pas français -Namika, Beatgees - Germany FAKE IT - Perfume - Japan Fire - 2NE1 - South Korea Moi...Lolita - Alizée - France
  4. Yes I totally agree. Or better yet don’t count streams from tik tok or Instagram if tied to a stupid challenge
  5. Maybe it was her choice to play smaller venues? Idk but I’ve always wondered too
  6. And you actually recognize those songs. There are so many top 10 singles I’ve never even heard about in my life and I’m still actively checking for new music all the time
  7. This fan base is so predictable it’s going to be Round 1: Oops, ITZ, Blackout, Glory Round 2: ITZ, Blackout Round 3: Blackout surprise, surprise
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