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  1. No. Did Xtina deserve a Grammy? Of course. For vocals. For best news artist? No. The beginning of Xtina’s career was obviously her record label trying to make her be like Britney. She’s even talked about how they wanted her to be virginal and how that first album wasn’t really her. I think Britney was still being true to herself. And when every single record label is coming out with their own blonde teen and having them sing catchy pop songs with “bowling pin formation” dancer videos? I mean, Britney obviously set a trend and changed things. Pink didn’t complain about being compared to Xtina... also, Xtina has a great voice, but Britney changed the game in so many ways, and while not everyone may like the way she sings, it’s certainly unique and a lot more singers stated using vocal fry in their songs after Britney.
  2. The Diane sawyer interview is bad for sure, but the Matt lauer one is equally bad, if not worse. But maybe they didn’t include it bc he’s already canceled?
  3. I’ve been wondering this too, but honestly it be been wondering why A LOT of big female pop stars aren’t saying anything. I mean Beyonce hasn’t said anything, she posted happy bday to Britney on her website, so clearly she cares about Britney is some way. Ariana, Taylor, Gaga, all seem like they are very outspoken on political issues and social justice and supporting their peers, so I wonder why none of them have spoken out all either. It’s just strange not many of her pop peers, or the younger generation has really said anything. Maybe they all want to respect he privacy and not get involved? But a simple free Britney tweet or post doesn’t seem like much. I mean Miley has showed support without taking it too far I think. I also question the “NDA” thing. I mean Miley and Britney did a duet together and had the same management for a while, so wouldn’t she have had to sign one too? But she’s still saying free Britney.
  4. Hm... seems like they’re trying to rush something out since smile flopped so bad. I don’t think that’s the best plan, it would make more sense to spend time on quality than rush something to try to remain relevant. At this point creating something really great and different is the only thing that could save her career IMO. I think her fans have aged and aren’t interested in the same old thing. But I personally haven’t been interested in years. As much as I don’t really like her anymore, I do think people should calm down on the hate train. I wouldn’t want to see her have a major breakdown or anything.
  5. Ok... yeah Perez was terrible to Britney, I can agree on that. But to call him a homophobic slur and attack him based on his looks? Isn’t that kinda the bullying he did to celebs back in the day? Call him out on his actions and character, not his looks. It just seems childish. But this woman is already problematic on her own, so it’s a bit like the pot calling the kettle
  6. Gross. He just acts like he never said those comments before? He’s probably hoping Jamie Lynn gets to take over so he can jump on the payroll.
  7. Ok I love sweet melodies, but wannabe was life changing when it came out. I guess records aren’t made to be broken, but I’m shook. And I love All Saints/Never Ever, but I can’t believe it’s #1. Oh well, all three songs and groups are great, I just don’t think the other 2 are half as iconic as wannabe
  8. I like her voice, the music, and the melodies. But lyrically it needs a lot of work, even the title... exaholic? There’s definitely potential in this song, but I see why it was scrapped.
  9. She probably doesn’t have much of a chance of a smash hit nowadays, but you never know. I thought now was decent, but it lacked having some of the fun of her last albums. I’ll always check out her new music, and I think she has enough of a fan base that she’ll always do decent. I read her book a few years ago, and I liked it a lot. But I always remember her saying it in she has vocal problems that started while she was touring. Unfortunately you can hear that, even in her recordings, her voice is not what it used to be. Shania will always be a legend though, especially in the country world.
  10. I’m not all that into either. But one occasion I see potential in Shawn and think he’s cute. I also prefer his music. Both are really too skinny and boyish for my taste, but maybe if Shawn beefs up and had a little more body hair I’d find him pretty hot. Also, I mean no body shame in this... just my personal taste.
  11. 1. beautiful 2. fighter 3. Dirrty stripped is still her best Work
  12. WHAT?! What has he ever done for out community? Maybe this is taken out of context? Did someone ask him how it felt to be an ally? Then I could understand him saying this, cause you should feel honored we allow you to be our ally at all after your years of ****ery when we know most of your loyal audience left is probably mostly maga supporting white girls. It’s also time to step up if you consider yourself an ally, you’re female contemporaries have done way more for way longer to show they are an ally, and it’s hasn’t been just performative.
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