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  1. To my knowledge Domination was never an album and no new material was recorded, it was basically just a reworked/rebranded POM
  2. Didn't she post rehearsal footage on insta? I think the consensus was that is was basically a slightly reworked POM setlist with a handful of new choreo moments.
  3. It's too hard to sort out who to trust and too many people wanted in on it. Not much point in a secret group that's not secret and can't keep secrets.
  4. Interesting points but I feel the comment about romanticizing pre-colonial Africa is not really an argument worth making. I feel it implies that post-colonial Africa was better, which clearly it wasn't cause that's when many black folk were stripped of their cultural heritage, not to mention enslaved, massacred, stripped of their natural resources, and ruled over by colonial powers. Europe was no walk in the park in the middle ages, there were wars, famine, plagues, religious strife etc, but that doesn't mean our fairytales about princesses and castles are misleading - they're just fantasy and that's what Beyonce is delivering too. I get that she's a woke cultural icon but she's also a popstar and we shouldn't expect her content to be strictly educational or read like a textbook. It's not a standard we hold anyone else to so why should she have that burden? Just let black people be proud of were they came from if they want to, it's literally the least we can do.
  5. He wants to work with her again and he knows that being open about this could hurt his chances of doing so. He's not the only one that's taken this stance - I think Tkyle and Bradley Stern are towing the same line. In some ways I get it cause it's his livliehood, in other ways it shows how much they actually care about her. Props to Jordan for taking a pro #freebritney stance publicly, I'm sure it's had it's negative consequences along with the positive.
  6. We were in a meeting together, it was kinda uneventful and he didn't say much. Only tidbit is that is was 3pmish and he already smelled like Jack Daniels
  7. I haven't met Britney but I have met Jamie in 2015 🤷
  8. Wait. So Both @Britney-fan12332143 And @TheySayImCrazy18 Type Like This? That Is So Weird!
  9. Great find, thanks for the info. They seem pretty qualified so I'm also glad they're on the case. Please do not spam these guys
  10. Angelney strikes again. This is like the opposite of the femme fatale cover glare.
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