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  1. I agree with this but I still fail to understand why. It's probably a tad shexist to say she slept with the right people but I literally can't think of an explanation that makes better sense.
  2. Eh the video wasn’t too bad, kinda dark and dreary but we got some ttwe/slave vibes at the end. I agree about the song though, it’s a banger.
  3. Lol yes, I'm a bi male and I'm married to a woman. Never before seen on exhale
  4. I dunno about that. If anything, scantily clad female popstars are overrepresented here. The comments on males are admittedly more thirsty, but I think that's just because Exhale's demo skews heavy toward gay men/straight women. People like what they like
  5. And yall thought her vocals on Toxic is what earned her the grammy, bish she did the instrumental too
  6. Work Beach forever. Not just the music but that flooreography is a pretty intense workout in itself.
  7. I agree that they're pointless, my wife is expecting our first baby and the last thing I we want is to take part in this worthless tradition. That said, it's really not that big a deal and it'd be even more pointless for me to go around policing what other people do with their time/lives. The progressive movement used to be about getting the government out of our personal business and accepting one another but now it seems it's all about more rules, more restrictions, being more judgmental, being less flexible, pointing fingers, putting labels on things, it's kind of frustrating to watch.
  8. You hit the nail on the head. The whole point of progress is to live in a world were we can all respect each other and feel free to be ourselves. Shaming people for what they do and forcing everyone to live in a rigid and strict environment where every word is closely monitored and analyzed or any inkling of anything that might be remotely offensive, that's the exact opposite of progress.
  9. You're such a perv but I agree lol. My fav is the one where he's pulling it down with his thumb. Sneak peak
  10. Yeah it's a tragedy but the lesson is beyond learned as you can imagine. The bulk of my crypto portfolio is in BTC and ETH, but I like to keep at least one full coin in anything with at least a $1 billion market cap so I also hold litecoin, filecoin, chainlink, stellar lumens, unisap, aave, Ox and algorand. There's probably more with 1B market cap but I trade on coinbase and those are the ones they support. At the end of the day, I believe in BTC and ETH will carry the most value in the long run but I've had a lot of gains from alts so I suppose they're worth it for now. I also think my $1 billion rule is a pretty solid strategy because the trashier coins tend to be a lot more volatile and I don't have time to actively monitor them like I do with stocks. Plus crypto markets never stop trading so it takes a pretty sophisticated set of automated triggers to keep a balanced risk strategy going with the lower alts and ain't nobody have time for that. I also recommend USDC since it's pegged to the US dollar, it's not a great investment since it has a tiny APR but it's a good way to keep a semi-liquid emergency fund going. It's also where I stash a portion of my realized gains from crypto and set aside the tax portion of my capital gains from stocks throughout the year so I don't have to worry about paying up when it's time to file every year.
  11. I don't know if this counts as underrated, some people love it some people hate it. If you hate it please watch it 3 more times and get back to me. If you still don't like it then, only god can help your hopeless soul.
  12. Same. I also f with Jeffree Star but that's apparently a controversial thing to say these days.
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