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  1. I think it's unfair to point the finger at one person for all of Britney's misfortunes. it's nobody's fault. The problem is within this evil entertainment industry. So many women got abused, traumatized and destroyed by the medias and tabloids, remember Brittany Murphy, Princess Diana, Anna Nicole Smith? They didn't survive. Anna Nicole Smith died the same month that Britney shaved her head. 2007 was a dark year. 2007 was the peak of tabloid celebrity culture and misogyny. Every female celeb was a target, Lindsay Lohan and Amy Winehouse also got impacted by it. So many women died because of the tabloids and bad people around them.
  2. I used to get annoyed at people who tried to cancel celebs at any possible opportunity , i used to find it desperate. but the #FreeBritney movement is truly one of the best things that have ever happened in recent times because it also exposed the unfair and disgusting treatement that a lot of female entertainers go through in the public eye. The tabloids and entertainment industry destroyed Amy Winehouse, Anna Nicole Smith, Brittany Murphy, Lindsay Lohan, Marilyn Monroe, Princess Diana, Jayne Mansfield etc Maybe if cancel culture and mental health awareness was around back then , some of these women would still be alive today. So many women didn't survive through this. People need to realize how strong Britney truly is. Britney has a strong spirit, many people couldn't handle the pressure and anxiety that she went through in her life, it's honestly insane when you think about it.
  3. She looks very healthy here, her skin is clear, seems like she's protecting herself from the sun
  4. i'm embarassed, i know it's from Dream Within a Dream Tour but i'm not sure which show? I checked "the live from Las Vegas" show on YouTube but the performance seems different compared to the one in that tweet. I once saw this same exact video on YouTube but i can't find it anymore Can someone help me and my old brain?
  5. Guys does anyone have an HD link for this? The re-aired version. I always wanted to see it in better quality
  6. people really do the most lol her instagram isn't weird, it looks like a regular southern soccer mom account the truth is that, it gives a weird vibe because people aren't used to seeing celebrities not caring about looking perfect and polished 100% of the time. britney doesn't give a **** about exposing herself during a bad hair day etc if she wasn't famous no one would think her instagram is weird lol people just do the most.. yes her instagram may be questionable and we don't really know if it's really her posting but we're in the kardashian era where everyone wants to look like plastic dolls , people are so brainwashed ; they think celeb instagram profiles should look a certain way ...
  7. guys stop posting about these attention seeking leeches... spread positivity ( i know i'm not positive all the time on here but britney is the only one i will never drag )
  8. The GP is also very curious about her real voice, they're aware that the "baby voice" is a construction and was fabricated by her music executives. If she ever wants to come back, it would be dope to see something more laid back. She deserves more artistic freedom , they should let her do what she wants for her 10th album, this is a symbolic number. I'd like her to experiment with new beatmakers and writers. I've heard Finneas O'Connell wanted to work with her. Britney has good taste, she's the one who decided to wear the school girl outfit, she contributed to the Toxic video concept too, Britney used to have an interesting artistic vision back then and i think they should let her express herself the way she wants.
  9. Oh, you know her personally? Madonna is a coward, she acts like this provocative unapologetic feminist but she didn't even help M.I.A. when the whole america was bashing her for that Superbowl incident Very feminist of her Madonna is only here for the clout M.I.A. never lies, that's why everyone is boycotting her in the industry, she speaks the truth Madonna isn't a rebel or something lol, she's actually very consensual , she deliberately adheres to misogynistic industry codes, which she has always taken advantage of.
  10. She's a leech, a piece of ****, i don't care about her apology, she can shove it into her ***
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