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  1. my best belief is sometimes you gotta suffer for money that will come years later
  2. im like maybe i will buy a vinyl player somewhere in my life i have one vinyl disk, i bought it cause i liked how it looked like or more accurately the name of the album, but i can't really play it LOL it is called "Greedy Shopping Disaster"
  3. i love to talk, although i choose people i talk with
  4. plus. i AM quite sure that we had piano in my apartment in my early childhood. don't mind me just babbling old times were dearer tho in terms of respecting music. now everything is just a rush modern times have taken away the culture from us which we had for a brief moment in history
  5. so sucky. i have a small space for home anyay, and don't have a vinyl player. praying for a suitable change for my home so that i can include vinyls. (or not maybe, not sure if id like that as i remember from my childhood real vintage vinyl player and real old school vinyls. they don't make them like that anymore
  6. oh yeah i am so sorry for a moment i forgot it was on 13th :-) EDIT: i shouldn't be sorry for forgetting her birthday. to forget it it's only human.
  7. can somebody explain me why 13 is important? is 13 the color of HER blood or something.
  8. thats the problem with some people they don't want to take a president as a human being i think. and this is alienating people even more i think all i ever wanted to do was to humanize Trump and feel good about him in gratitude for the positives. i yet want to be energetical friend with Trump in my spiritual side. things are not better with him when we treat him as an object
  9. i cant find a person **** anymore? i am pretty sure he will never be in my bottom of the list as the worst president.. YOU NOT BELIEVING IS YOUR THING. so yeah do your thing besides Trump really worked as a president he didn't just w*nk off or something
  10. i still loved Trump the entertainer and i find him **** f*cks sake i don't get paid to sponsor him i just tried to like him
  11. gotta love this so much truth yes wake up money inheriters business managers with 800 million and times10 money getters compared to the artist! its 2020
  12. don't know what you mean just open your mind to a possbility that you can not make such evaluations about people and think everything you assume is right
  13. sorry for saying it but your logic is not cool with me man. you seem like you want to manipulate and put thought schemes into me. please don't do this to me! i know you might be afraid of different things but i gotta tell you, my mind is not that simple as is your opinion that you are too confident of
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