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  1. I'd also say in recent years i am more and more stable and getting to know myself. in my life some people and me really want to see rather where my energy has been right, and that i am not an apathetic coward a lot of the way i have to go on is to appreciate what i do and how i work towards my greatness as a person i have been developing character, sometimes i just don't see how i have come a long long way from where i was a lot of more straightforwardness and not tolarating ants sitting on my head this forum is one of the thingies that has helped me a lot to be brave, open and put myself first for fighting for myself even in times when it was very stressful and apathetic mess here on Exhale
  2. Well not a day goes by, i am never too busy for listening Britney i have done a lot of thinking lately and honestly this is just a phase getting to know myself is not hard when i got the whole discography of Britney beginning with Touch Of My Hand and ending with Breathe On Me
  3. 1) answer which 2 options you choose out of the four (you have to 1-marry 1 option which you love the most and just 2-bang the second option that could be like your one night stand option but not the prefered one out of the four 2) ask another 4 options that you think are somewhat related to each other and look forward to what the next chooser prefers CONDITION: when you are sad? 1) do acid (drugs) 2) do a*al 3) do it solo 4) [listen to] Okay Not To Be Okay by goddess Demi
  4. well what most spiked my hormons that moment was the thought that people said if you go to deep web there are underworld people watching and tracing you and then they will r*** or rob you i basically imagined being in a big city, going somwhere around the corner and then a group of rapists approaching me
  5. even if sometimes i don't understand everything that goes on on here most of the time lately i am more amazed by how spirited and naturally good wiling the people are on here this place has sometimes been so dark tho i guess i can say it i have been a member from 2012-2018 and now 2020- to infinity :D
  6. All i wanna say thank you guys. Exhale, even if sometimes negative, is still one of the most positive communities on the interweb and we all have contributed a lot for that to happen lately especially this year coming back here i have felt such a positive vibe here i am more and more supportive of this forum i must say sometimes i am critical but i come here only because this place lights up my heart thank u guys
  7. yes you sound truthful after all one thing is that i love to complain i am a person who loves that ****. to be overnegative and get high off it
  8. Yes, it sounds true about bullies. yes, we do have the destiny to always listen to Britney i should take note of you, i should process bullies in my life more carefully and in a way that is productive to me well i don't know if i want or want not to tell my story. rght now i don't even feel the need of telling it fully, however i like to complain about my incompatibilities and weaknesses i think a human should be strong, but i am not. and as i am typing it hey those muscleless hands and body. i actually have a psychologist now. sometimes we discuss things, the thing is that i don't want to discuss it with him, as we have the slogan: all people are good. if i complain too much i must be making things up. you know this case of green like this psychologists? well for one i don't even complain about the bullies. i feel like i am weak not standing up
  9. yesterday was my mother's birthday and it ended a mere hour-fresh day after when i did my best to accuse her for being a flop mother she is deceased by now long gone and my mom and grandmother had sweet times with me till i was 12 and then i fell to orphanage where i felt people were very rude to me then this day at night (the mom's birthday at 30th of october) and the turned day i was like : "it is my mom's and grandma's fault they didn't give me tools to freaking protect me from other people [in the orphanage to begin with rude people] and therefore they failed and i failed and then i got reminder i have disability pension and don't have a job also
  10. I do I am feeling like as a person I don't live up to Britney i can't protect myself from bullies. i am 28 and still jobless i suck
  11. My disability is that anyone could always hurt insult me or do whatever he/she wants with me. i can't protect myself physically nor mentally. anyone could basically **** me in the heart and leave only pieces of it whenever someone has contact me in some way, he/she could just say something and i am immediately insulted and feel bad for the whole day/week/month/year even i am one of the weakest people on earth, at least i am one of them i cannot protect myself in any way and at all
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