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    Worshipping the holy spear-it that is Godney Jean Spears, puncturing jamies colon, pretending i hate britney jean but then secretly listening to it on repeat for hours and forcing my straight local friends to appreciate the queen
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  1. I might be reaching but he does clearly say they appreciate the fans support perhaps implying were fighting for the right thing and he also says you're cancelling the wrong person perhaps implying there is still other people we should be cancelling i.e. Lou and Jamie
  2. Sorry not sorry I stand by everything I said about the true gems of the glory album
  3. Omg it all makes sense now The signs have been there all along and we've been blind. The way the kids would steal her phone and record her without consent and scare her to make her look like she has lots of problems. Jamie always threatened to take her kids away and all this time he was the hero trying to do the best for her
  4. Maybe you are actually Sam trying to push that narrative
  5. I know I was lazy scoring some the same and not being creative with the decimals
  6. Omg mood ring deserves it Now because Britney taught us all how to be fearless here's my ratings Also don't come at me for my laziness giving some the same score and not being creative with the decimals Plus in hindsight it looks like I've rated glory pretty low overall but I promise you I stan glory
  7. Dw Lou's minions are reading this right now for ideas and are already preparing the tracks that Britney must record for b10
  8. Cause all u want is what i want and what I want is to have a word with whoever rated DYWCO an 11
  9. Should not have made the top 10 ESPECIALLY when coupure, hard to forget ya and clumsy didn't
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