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  1. Omg, I feel bad for my first thought being “She’s crazy” Pls forgive me y’all
  2. No despise towards millennials. Just that there some very annoying millennials over here the act like boomers
  3. Its just exhale millenial boomers be tasteless
  4. Britneys heydays are over, even if she is still relevant (especially these days). But when she debuted in 1999, she basically became the biggest female popstar of our time and dominated 1999-2004. Most of the people loved her or were huge fans. Now that britney is seen as nostalgia or legacy act, her team have to use the classic-britney persona. The baby voice, the 00s outfits, the dancing, the performances. However i wish they could now allow britney to be who she wants to be. She gave jive in her prime TON of money, and RCA is trying to bring Primeney back to get the same amount of money.
  5. Dance music wasnt that popular in the early 10s compared to EDM, and there were few dance, what r u talkin about?
  6. Basically, anything that highly contains carbs, sugar or any fat-inducing ingredients, can be counted as junk food
  7. Yeah but no top 3 hit FF only sold 160k, and lets not even talk about Britney Jean
  8. Because that was the actual last time she was super popular in the UK
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