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  1. “The moment that JAMES obtained from this Court the power to handle BRITNEY’s affairs on her behalf, he surrendered a large measure of privacy as to the manner in which he exercises that power. Transparency is an essential component in order for this Court to earn and retain the public’s confidence with respect to protective proceedings like this one. In this case, it is not an exaggeration to say that the whole world is watching.” 🙃
  2. Just want to jump in and vote for Reddit-style nested comments. That would go a long way in reducing the toxicity since the voting system makes toxic comments less visible. I know you tried that and people complained, but we’ll get used to it.
  3. Join us to protest conservatorship abuse and advocate for ending Britney’s conservatorship during her status hearing in Los Angeles next Wednesday! The hearing is a continuation of the July 22 hearing to discuss the role of Jodi Montgomery as temporary conservator. It is rumored that Lynne’s role is also up for discussion. We will gather outside Stanley Mosk Courthouse starting at 12:30 PM. Please wear a face covering and observe social distancing guidelines. We expect a decent turnout from fans, reform advocates, and film crews. (Sorry if this post belongs somewhere else.) @Jordan Miller if you can join us (and feel comfortable traveling), I’m sure it would mean a lot to fans. I’ll chip in for gas! Feel free to DM me on IG (@freebritneyla) if you’d rather discuss privately.
  4. https://www.x17online.com/2010/08/x17_xclusive_britney_spears_former_handler_n When this conservatorship falls apart, Lou will make sure that Jamie is the fall guy.
  5. Why is the burden on Britney to prove that she doesn’t need a conservatorship when she did absolutely nothing to deserve being completely stripped of her rights in the first place? ******* unfair.
  6. You guys are too sweet. I love being a part of this movement with all of you, knowing that together we can make a difference for Britney. There are just so many layers to this conservatorship that both Ryann and I were worried we wouldn’t have time to cover all of it in one podcast. As it is, they already edited out thirty minutes of material to keep it under an hour. I did mention Femme Fatale, but I think that was edited out. That said, I’ve never liked the “When did you first grow concerned?” question, which comes up in many interviews, and really should have a better answer prepared. I’m not #FreeBritney because I’m concerned about Britney behavior. I’m #FreeBritney because I realized that the conservatorship is inappropriate and fraudulent and that public pressure is required to end it.
  7. Filmmaker Billie Mintz made the film available for free for #FreeBritney activists. bit.ly/guardiansfree Password: freebritney
  8. Britney was scheduled to appear on the docket. The main reason she didn’t join was the hackers, as you reported.
  9. This. I believe that Britney values her privacy to the extent that if I see her at the grocery store I’m going to leave her the **** alone. I also truly believe she appreciates the fans fighting for her freedom (feel free to disagree) and would have no problem with us holding her corrupt team accountable.
  10. I mentioned this on the live, but it bears repeating: we have a right to know, both as Britney Spears fans and as members of the public. This conservatorship was set up under fraudulent pretenses, and very few have questioned it in the past 12 years. Court hearings are normally open to the public so that we can hold our public servants accountable. The reason we know so little about this case is that Sam Ingham, the lawyer representing Britney who she didn’t choose, requests that the hearings be closed and Jamie Spears, the conservator, requests that the documents be sealed. Every. Single. Time. Incidentally, both men, among others, make hundreds of thousands of dollars from this conservatorship every year. So those of you up in arms about “invasion of privacy” are really going to take the corrupt lawyer’s word at face value that you don’t deserve to know what’s up?
  11. Thanks for clarifying, Jordan. And apologies for amplifying the “connection error” conspiracy theory. Now who’s your source?
  12. Unless you are referring to when the conservatorship was established in 2008, I’m not aware of a similar request in 2019. https://www.instagram.com/p/B1cfYlSlqty/
  13. As much as I wish you would push harder for #FreeBritney, I appreciate your measured response directly addressing the conservatorship. Your position on the issue has not always been clear, to be honest. It’s not that Shannon is unpleasant. Of course she was nice to you — she wants your money. Even as she was kicking us out of the parking lot, she welcomed us as paying customers. Those of us most committed to the cause take issue with anyone profiting from Britney’s name, image, and music while she’s under conservatorship, no matter how sweet or passionate they may be, especially while refusing to address the elephant in the room and without any clear indication that Britney herself (not the social media accounts) supports it. Shannon could have mitigated the suspicion around the Zone any number of ways, and she chose not to. I also disagree that Mood Ring is a step in the right direction for the same reasons. It’s an effort to squeeze pennies out of a five year old recording with no indication that Britney even knows about it.
  14. Jordan, we may not agree on a few things, but on this we agree, and I want to commend you for the way you’ve handled this.
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