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  1. wait a min, her mic was on? because on the first audio you can hear her breathing and on the 'slave' part she sounded live with the "BUT" part and "YEAH", idk also the 'touch of my hand' part sounds live too? i cant tell she starts laughing at the end? i cant hear that in the youtube video on her channel but i can see her smiling/laughing. i know she used pre-recorded vocals for that performance, but the first audio (mic feed) sounds different to me
  2. maybe she was singing live on Lucky too. but people say that its just pre-recorded, so idk
  3. Could you please tell me what setting did you use for the music video?
  4. she also was singing live some parts on 'Lucky' and she had her usual mic on, also on TWWE her mic was on too, she was breathing all the time
  5. @Infinity101 Did you remastered it? If yes, what software did you use?
  6. Britney was actually singing live for 'Perfume' on her POM Show I tried to isolate her vocals and this is the best result i could get: In the chorus you hear Sia's back vocals but you can still hear Brit singing ENJOY (p.s. put headphones on)
  7. Change Your Mind, Hard To Forget Ya, Man on The Moon and Slumber Party leaked 2 days ago, so they're still new. Circus leaked today! and more are coming
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