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  1. Billy B isn't talking to Britney, we know that but atleast he is fighting FOR her, so it is what it is. Just ignore him. That other girl was literally in the doc for like 3 seconds while she said "Dear Britney..." and she's acting like she was the face of it. I think she wants fame from the movement, too. Billy B and her are cut from the same cloth.
  2. I'm here for more exposure because I feel like all this attention is finally waking people up and she NEEDS to be freed from this. It's horrible. Billy B is insane I think, and he's def not talking to Britney.
  3. I watched this and it made me sad. I remembered it all so well though and it's all on the Live and More DVD. Did they cut out that one skit? I think so and also they cut out her performance of DLMBTLTK which was annoying.
  4. That ***** JUST got 99 followers thanks to her name being thrown back in the press How sad and her husband was a one-term loser governor. Maryland hates them both.
  5. I'm in Maryland and her husband and her were super hated and still are. He was a one time governor too. LOSERS.
  6. On topic: No, this is absolutely insane. I know we all WISH we could help her in that way but that is still crazy. We just need to continue to keep the movement going and continue to make noise and demand the conservatorship END and also Jamie Spears be removed.
  7. I was really hoping they brought up Jamie's comment about her being a 'racehorse' and also showed how much money they were all making off keeping this corruption going. It's all out there too for the public, so they couldn't sue them for showing that. Maybe we will get a Part 2 if ratings for this were good. I think this was good though to get the general public interested and to bring attention to this corruption. My mom was literally in tears and then my sister watched it today and said she was near tears and how it was so obvious this conservatorship was corrupt.
  8. The only one I'm letting slide from talking is Lynne, and that is because she is currently involved with the conservatorship case and if you remember the leaked emails Lynne was telling Jamie she is NOT the one who would go to the media, etc. So I feel like she didn't do it so Jamie can't tell the judge "Look! She talks to the media about the case, she needs to be removed" etc. He's a snake, so Lynne is the ONLY one in her family who gets a pass from me. If I'm wrong, i'll gladly say I'm wrong. We'll see. Felicia is friends with Lynne and I feel like she probably asked Lynne if it was alright or something.
  9. It's sad and true. Jamie Spears is WORSE than Joe Jackson, and the media lets him slide. Is it because Britney is a woman? It seems very ***ist.
  10. Of course it's not her. Come on. Her team is controlling and won't let her speak.
  11. That lawyer is Vivian, someone who works with Jamie Spears to get Britney in a c-ship. She is evil. People may not get out of c-ships easily, but this is Britney Spears, who the world is watching this case and waiting for her to be free. Enough is enough!
  12. I doubt it. Years ago during American Idol she released a bop and was planning another album and then ended up never releasing it. She always seems to do this?
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