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  1. I like the remix but not my favorite choreography of the domination rehearsal videos I’ve seen... I was expecting more (pun intended lol) especially for THAT song. WHO IS IT?!?
  2. Possibly! Who knows at this point. Thank you for commenting and try to stay positive Nickey. When I’ve struggled to keep going and been at my darkest, I think to myself... I could just end this but then I’ll never hear Britney’s next album! You’re not alone in your feelings. I think we are all having an especially hard time still. Hang in there nickey.
  3. I used to LOVE them but they’ve lost their original sound that made me fall in love with them. just to be clear though Adam can still get it when we he wants though... hope you’re reading this Adam lol
  4. My “Toxic” costume that I made inspired by the video and Britney’s outfit from the “Onyx Hotel” tour that I wore to see piece of me I’m Vegas. I was in the very front the whole time screaming so there’s no way she didn’t see me LOL ( I don’t know how to insert the pic into the comment so you have to see it on my Instagram LOL) someone please teach me 😂 https://www.instagram.com/p/BCB3c3EDbhbsSyaEhoQmuvCzsqiTuBYBrG1ni80/?igshid=c3o1keqeeasr
  5. Being that Selena Gomez has been such an obvious die hard fan of Britney’s, why do you think she hasn’t spoken up like other celebs in light of the “Framing Britney” documentary? It’s quite possible she has and I just haven’t seen it so please correct me if I’m wrong. I know I’ve seen posts on here about why Madonna (queen of speaking up) and Christina haven’t said anything, but I’m particularly curious about Selena. I have a feeling Madonna had to sign and NDA when Brit was featured in the “Human Nature” back drop video for the tour and that’s why we haven’t heard from her. Otherwise she’s be all over it for the publicity and I do genuinely believe she cares about Britney. I’m also wondering if Selena's staying hush hush just bc she’s trying to respect her privacy like she so desperately wishes others would do for her. I see a lot of similarities between their careers and public persona. They both have had it pretty hard with the media scrutiny so I feel like Selena can definitely relate. Let me know if you agree or disagree and why in the comments! Look forward to hearing everyone else’s thoughts! And as always keep it nice kids! Xo
  6. Exactly! And if she can’t “run her own life” how can they allow her to decide to get plastic surgery? Can’t get pregnant which we all know is what she really wants (a daughter) but plastic surgery. Go for it!
  7. I started the topic. I am not picking on her at all. I LOVE her. I said I think she was gorgeous then and now if you read more of the comments. What this is supposed to be about is “WAS IT HER CHOICE” not our opinion on how she looks
  8. That’s a really interesting point about the padding from her younger years. Had never really thought it was that simple lol
  9. Agreed! Although I didn’t mind her first nose job though. Honestly , I think Britney was beautiful then and is just as beautiful now. I just hope it was all her choice and is what made her happy.
  10. With everything going on and more details coming out about the conservatorships level of control, it makes me wonder who’s idea the plastic surgeries really were... From her nose jobs, her surgery to make her smile bigger by slicing her cheeks Joker style, and even the Brest implants that caused so much media scrutiny for her in the beginning. We’re they hear ideas? Or could she had been pressured and eventually forced by the conservatorship to maintain their desired image? After all she has no control over her own medial care... j what do YOU think??
  11. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but this is not something that bothers me personally. It’s like when Madonna got backlash for her use of the cross. They are ***ualizing a religious symbol that means a lot to some people and I can understand why they may be offended. I didn’t even realize that the one Rihanna was wearing was a religious symbol. Maybe she didn’t either? Either way any publicity is good publicity they say.
  12. I was literally just thinking about this earlier 😂 I hope they still go through with it. I’m sure it got put on hold with the restrictions with COVID.
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