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  1. When am I going to learn that whenever Jordan describes a song as a “banger”, it is indeed, not?
  2. all the suckers that are going to spend extra money to “support Taylor” by rebuying all her old songs. Girl, just cut your losses and call it a day. She’s not a novelty act she’s a very successful song writer. Her career will span at least another decade and she can mature into her song writing and also write for younger artists if she wants when she’s deemed “too old”. This all starts and ends with scooter Braun and her complete inability to accept that she came out the loser in this scenario. It’s a hard pill to swallow when all you know is winning but enough is enough. She has the most successful album of the year out right now and no signs of slowing down. What else do you want?
  3. https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/scooter-braun-sells-taylor-swift-200127092.html looks like he already did. Congrats on your power moves Scooter!
  4. I’m so happy it ended Up being them 3 and not jLo. Part of this being an iconic performance was having Britney and Christina share the stage together after them being constantly pitted against each other. As far as Britney fibbing about the kiss... technically they didn’t rehearse it with Tongue that was added i guess on the spot. And even if they did Britney has always played dumb and lied when getting flack. Like when she legit told an interviewer (i forgot which) that Breathe On Me was literally “just about breathing” she’s an OG troll.
  5. I like the original and love me some Stevie but this remix sounds like a mess.. this could have been executed much better.
  6. I’m interested to see if/how Britney’s social media accounts and posts will be impacted by this. Guess we about to learn if it really was Lou behind the curtain
  7. This ***** really gave absolutely zero ****s at this time in her life. Doing whatever she wanted when she wanted and having FUN and feeling herself.
  8. Is this gonna be another song about her being ****ed 3 ways till Sunday? also, you can’t have this posted and then right above it have a 4K version of Slave 4 U showing us what a real midriff should be... sorry ari
  9. I feel like this is a little bit of overkill now. Like she’s trying to make up for all this time of not speaking on politics so now she feels the need to bring it up every chance she gets. Like we get it ... you’re friends with gay people and make long winded speeches about the evils of the patriarchy. Who the **** did we think you were voting for??
  10. Anything Britney is mentioned in is a “Britney Special”. In 1999, 2000, 2001, 2003, 2007 and 2016 the VMAS were actually named “Britney Spears and guests perform. Awards are given” open a book.
  11. girl same. I really don’t think they will because they shouldn’t.
  12. I’d like to see the angle they approach with Britney is that she really took paparazzi culture to the next level. There was no one in that era that was photographed more. The demand for her pictures literally created websites and an entire culture of media consumption.
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