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  1. Who would’ve known September 2020 would be so iconic for Britney fans. I stan this lawyer. We must protect him at all costs.
  2. BOMT changed the course of pop music. Idk how many of y’all were alive during its release, but, it’s impact was like no other female pop star the world had seen. it seems pretty pointless to compare an album from another decade to a current one.
  3. She has never enjoyed touring. Even in her early years you could tell she had nights when she wanted to be anywhere but there.
  4. I hate to speak of someone no longer living but he supposedly failed some drug tests and was fired. His death was an overdose so I gather he may have had a problem. They were close for years so I hope she was allowed to properly grieve that loss.
  5. Am I the only one who finds it cringe that Britney is still lip syncing to “i know i may be young..” and then the “little girl” lyrics? I wish they’d re record the opening. I know it’s an iconic song, but she ain’t young anymore.
  6. Jamie saved Britney’s childhood bedroom but wouldn’t save an important document for something he claims saved her life. i just can’t anymore
  7. https://mobile.twitter.com/BritneysGram/status/1306414394159566850 An employee willing to come forward to expose how shady they are saying documents don’t exist
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